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  • LES CONFERENCE '21 | Clean Energy NH

    Thank you for Attending!! October 8th, 2021 at the Grappone Center ​ Recorded Sessions are Processing and Will Be Available Soon! ABOUT The Local Energy Solutions (LES) Conference is the event of the year for local energy champions, policymakers, municipal officials, town staff, regulators, and industry representatives. The event is hosted by Clean Energy NH and the LES Workgroup. FEATURES The LES Conference features the latest topics, best practices, & innovative ideas presented by leading experts. The event also includes best-of-the-best networking opportunities. This year's Conference will feature a hybrid model, with remote attendee options CONTENT The LES Conference features content on renewable energy technology & policy, energy efficiency & net-zero, project management, siting, & financing, group net metering & community power, electric vehicles & beneficial electrification, community planning, cleantech, & more! STATS The LES Conference features 350+ attendees from across the Northeast, over 50 expert speakers & presenters, and dozens of top-notch sponsors & exhibitors. Visit the Official Conference Page at Please Contact Joshua Singer For All Inquiries Local Students, Local Energy Solutions Webinar. October 7th, 11am. Students at Hanover High School have developed a climate action plan: a roadmap for how to reduce their school's admissions greenhouse gas emissions by 77 percent by 2050. This was a student-led initiative, and is the first of its kind for a high school in the entire United States. In this session, the students and their advisors will discuss how the plan was imagined and brought to fruition, and how it continues to evolve today. Attendees will come away with practical lessons for how to replicate Hanover's success at their own school. ​ Attendance to this session and virtual attendance to the entire Local Energy Solutions conference is free to current High School Students. Register Here! Keynote Speaker: Elizabeth Wilson of the Irving Institute for Energy and Society Dr. Elizabeth J. Wilson is a Professor of Environmental Studies and the inaugural Director of the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society. She studies how energy systems are changing in the face of new technologies and new societal pressures. Her work focuses on the implementation of energy and environmental policies and laws in practice. She studies how institutions support and thwart energy system transitions and focuses on the interplays between technology innovation, policy creation, and institutional decision making. Recent research has examined how energy policy stakeholders view the opportunities and challenges of creating smart grids and decision making within Regional Transmission Organizations, which manage the transmission planning, electricity markets and grid operations of over 70 percent of North America. Her research has also examined how stakeholders in different U.S. states view emerging energy technologies like wind power and carbon-capture and sequestration and the electric power transmission system. Her recent books include Energy Law and Policy and Smart Grid (R)evolution: Electric Power Struggles. Wilson's research group is working on two NSF supported grants on media and stakeholder perceptions of Smart Grid technologies and on decision making in Regional Transmission Organizations. Agenda Tracks and Sessions Community Leadership Community Power Panel 10:30 - 11:45am Community Power was the hot topic of 2020 and 2021, but what does that mean for New Hampshire, and who is facilitating it? Hear from the top 3 Community Power Providers in the state in a Community Power Panel! Including a chance to ask questions live. Ballroom Moderator : Amanda Gokee Speakers : Henry Herndon (Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire), Bart Fromuth (Freedom Energy Logistics), Bob Hayden (Standard Power) Local Clean Energy Success Stories 1:15 - 2:30pm Communities around NH are investing in a clean energy future, from solar arrays to efficient housing projects, learn about how NH is moving towards a more effiecient, cost effective future! Concord Room Moderators : Melissa Elander (Clean Energy NH) & Sarah Brock (Vital Communities) Speakers : David Van Houten (Chair of The Bethlehem Energy Commission), Ray Danforth (Shelburne Energy Committee), Andrea Hodson (Harrisville Energy Aggregation Committee), Jim Norse (Sustainable Lyme), Emily Manns (Peterborough Energy Committee) Local Energy Action! 3:00 - 4:15pm This session will provide a roadmap for municipalities to succeed in local energy efforts. Presentations will be given by representatives from The Monadnock Sustainability Hub, Vital Communities, Clean Energy NH, and ReVision Energy. Concord Room Speakers : Annie Henry (Monadnock Sustainability Hub), Sarah Brock (Vital Communities), Josh Singer (Clean Energy NH) , Melissa Elander (Clean Energy NH) Infrastructure and Transportation Clean Transportation Infrastructure Investments: Paving the Way for Transportation Electrification 10:30 - 11:45am Transportation emissions continue to be the largest source of greenhouse gases. Electrification is the available and affordable technology to significantly reduce emissions from this sector. Municipalities can help pave the way by electrifying their own fleets and establishing practices and policies that will encourage local charging infrastructure and enable the use of EVs in your communities by both residents and businesses. Hosted by the Granite State Clean Cities Coalition, this session will highlight concrete steps municipalities can take to lead the charge, and end with an EV Showcase and Ride-and-Drive event in the parking lot. Pierce Moderators : Jessica Wilcox (Granite State Clean Cities Coalition) & Bruce Clendenning (The Nature Conservancy) Speakers : Bruce Clendenning (The Nature Conservancy) , Jessica Wilcox (Granite State Clean Cities Coalition) , ReVision, Dover, DES Grid of the Future 1:15 - 2:30pm The US electrical grid has been described as the world's largest machine, one which historically generated, transmitted, and distributed power to meet immediate need for lighting, pumps, motors, and other equipment, with limited capacity to store energy. How can we smoothly transform this 100+ year-old infrastructure in the timeframe necessary to address climate change while equitably meeting the needs of residents, business, and manufacturers? Topics will include interconnection of clean renewable energy, storage integration, and providing energy for electrified building and transportation sectors. Ballroom Moderator : Matt Siska (GDS Associates) Speakers : Dr. Elizabeth Mettetal (Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc. (E3), Brian Callnan (NH Electric Cooperative) BYOS and More - Storage Developments in the Granite State 3:00 - 4:15pm Energy storage adoption is growing steadily around the country, but what is New Hampshire doing to support the adoption of storage that often pairs so well with renewable energy generation and a more modern, resilient grid? This session features updates on the behind the meter storage programs, utility scale storage, and demand response programs actively serving the region's electric grid. Join to learn where New Hampshire stands and where we may be going with energy storage and demand response! Ballroom Moderator : Kelly Buchanan (Clean Energy NH) Speakers : Heather Tebbets (Liberty Utilities), Brian Callanan (NH Electric Co-op), Alex Tang (TRC) Pathways to Efficient and Affordable Housing The Role of High Performance Homes in NH's Clean Energy Future 10:30 - 11:45am Buildings need to be a major area of focus for a successful energy transition. As the housing boom in New Hampshire continues, it’s critical that all new homes are designed and constructed in a manner that is consistent with NH’s long term energy, carbon, and resiliency goals. This session will talk through the design principles and strategies, as well as the key technologies that can be utilized in order to develop high performance, resilient homes that are well equipped for a fossil fuel free future. We’ll also discuss non-energy benefits and cover case studies from real-world projects. Attendees will leave with a series of key principles that can be implemented at the policy level or in practice. Webster Moderators : Jamie Bemis (Granite State ASHRAE) Speakers : Andrew Dey (Unity Homes) , Bryan Felice (Undustrial), Laura Samoisette (Resilient Buildings Group) NHSaves: Serving Low and Moderate Income Granite Staters 1:15 - 2:30pm Reducing the energy bills of low to moderat income granite staters is not always straightforward. Landlords and property owners don't always pay heating and electricity bills of their tenants, and don't necessarily have the incentive to engage with NH Saves. How do we bridge that gap, and how can ensure that our efficieny programs reach more NH residents of modest means. Webster Moderator : Sam Evans Brown (Clean Energy NH) Speakers : Frank Melanson (Eversource), Kirk Stone (NH Dept. of Energy), Dana Nute (Resilient Buildings Group) Next Generation Efficiency Regulation Design 3:00 - 4:15pm How much energy will a given energy efficiency upgrade save? It's a question that's surprisingly difficult to answer. However, program designs can incorporate innovative features to try to give us more data to inform better policy. Hear from a program administrator, a regulator and an academic how to incorporate actual randomized, controlled experiments to reveal how much bang we're truly getting for our bucks. Webster Moderator : Sam Evans Brown (Clean Energy NH) Speakers : Chris Knittel (MIT), Tracey Dyke-Redmond (Eversource), Brian Buckley (NH Dept. of Energy) Policy Legislative and Regulatory Roundup 10:30 - 11:45am 2021 flashed by in a blur. Are you curious about what happened at the New Hampshire State House and Public Utilities Commission this year? This session will help you catch up on all things energy policy, including the expansion of net metering for municipal projects, the creation of a Department of Energy in NH, the statewide energy efficiency plan, and what to expect in 2022. Merrimack Moderators : Sam Evans Brown (Clean Energy NH) Speakers : Jim M (The Dupont Group), Heidi Kroll (Gallagher, Callahan, Gartrell), Huck Montgomery (Liberty), Madeleine Mineau (Essex Hydro) The Federal Infrastructure Plan 1:15 - 2:30pm The entire energy policy world is holding its breath to see what comes out of Washington D.C. this fall. A panel of congressional staffers will bring us the latest of what we might expect from the Biden administration's big push on the clean energy transition Merrimack Moderator : Eli Emerson (Primmer) Speakers : Staff for Shaheen, Hassan, Kuster and Pappas Data Informed Energy Policy 3:00 - 4:15pm In today’s technology and data driven world, most Granite Staters still have difficulty accessing their energy use data. The settlement achieved in NH Public Utilities Commission docket DE 19-197 established a sound foundation for the creation of a statewide, multi-use online energy data platform. Join this session and learn about how readily accessible energy data can help individuals, businesses, and communities unlock innovation, energy efficiency, and new clean energy technologies. Merrimack Moderator : Henry Herndon (Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire) Speakers : Don Kreis (Office of the Consumer Advocate), Ethan Goldman, Rep. Kat McGhee, Justin Eisfeller

  • POLICY UPDATES | Clean Energy NH

    STAY INFORMED with the latest insights POLICY UPDATES ABOUT OUR UPDATES Clean Energy NH sends weekly policy updates via e-mail and hosts weekly policy calls for business members, municipal members, and individual members at the Gold level & above. Not yet a member? Join here and get access to these exclusive benefits! LATEST UPDATES Stay tuned for our policy updates - we will begin having our weekly policy update soon! For access to these exclusive insights and updates, become a member today!

  • Become A Member | Clean Energy NH

    MEMBERSHIP OUR PROMISE We deliver value by providing the knowledge, skills, and network for all energy and clean tech solutions BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS TRANSFORMING THE CLEAN ENERGY ECONOMY. We build relationships among people and organizations using a fact-based approach that offers objective, balanced, and practical insights for transforming the Granite State’s clean energy economy and sustaining its citizens’ way of life. Support from our members enables us not only to continue our vital work, but to share their voices with those who need to hear them the most. ​ Whatever drives you, be it high energy costs, the economy, jobs, expansion of renewable energy, or the impacts of climate change, membership with CENH is the best way to support clean energy in the Granite State. View our list of Members Here MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS AND LEVELS BUSINESSES From the Energy Industry & Beyond We’re addressing NH’s high energy rates by promoting innovation and the development of a long-term clean energy policy that will provide business opportunities, attract new industries, and inspire financial investments in the Granite State.​ Our members represent nearly 20 sectors of the economy, far beyond the energy industry. Learn more about our industry development work. Start-Up Business Membership (1 - 3 Employees) Price $250.00 Small Business Membership (4 - 10 Employees) Price $850.00 Medium Business Membership (11 - 30 Employees) Price $1,500.00 Large Business Membership (31 - 50 Employees) Price $3,000.00 Corporate Business Membership (50+ Employees) Price $4,500.00 INDIVIDUALS Across New England to around the country We’re dedicated to lowering energy costs for NH citizens by advocating for change in the way that energy is generated, stored, and used and using fact-based information to communicate the benefits if growing the state’s clean energy economy. ​ We provide unbiased information on energy efficiency, clean energy generation, and policy options to empower individuals with knowledge and strengthen local decision making on where we get our energy and how we use it. Learn more about our achievements. SUPPORTER ($25 - 74.99) BECOME A SUPPORTER Receive the CENH general newsletter A discount on all CENH merchandise Free CENH sticker BRONZE ($75 - 174.99) BECOME A BRONZE MEMBER Exclusive access to webpages with members-only information, updates, and resources Access to members-only regulatory and legislative email newsletters Invitation to CENH members-only webinars and events Invitations and discounts to member networking events throughout the year Listing as a valued member in our annual reports Receive the CENH general newsletter A discount on all CENH merchandise Free CENH member decal Free CENH sticker SILVER ($175 - 299.99) BECOME A SILVER MEMBER Exclusive access to webpages with members-only information, updates, and resources Access to members-only regulatory and legislative email newsletters Invitation to CENH members-only webinars and events Invitations and discounts to member networking events throughout the year One (1) free registration to the Local Energy Solutions (LES) Conference Listing as a valued member in our annual reports Receive the CENH general newsletter Free gift with membership A discount on all CENH merchandise Free CENH member decal Free CENH sticker GOLD ($300 - 999.99) BECOME A GOLD MEMBER Exclusive access to webpages with members-only information, updates, and resources Access to members-only regulatory and legislative email newsletters Access to CENH’s weekly policy calls during the legislative session Invitation to CENH members-only webinars and events Invitations and discounts to member networking events throughout the year Two (2) free registrations to the Local Energy Solutions (LES) Conference Listing as a valued member in our annual reports Receive the CENH general newsletter Free gift with membership A discount on all CENH merchandise Free CENH member decal Free CENH sticker LEADERSHIP CIRCLE ($1,000+) JOIN THE LEADERSHIP CIRCLE Exclusive access to webpages with members-only information, updates, and resources Access to members-only regulatory and legislative email newsletters Access to CENH’s weekly policy calls during the legislative session Access to expert advocacy and policy support on energy policy questions Invitation to join Executive Director, Sam Evans-Brown, for an intimate dinner Invitation to CENH members-only webinars and events Invitations and discounts to member networking events throughout the year Two (2) free registrations to the Local Energy Solutions (LES) Conference Free admission to member networking events throughout the year, including the Summer Cruise Featured placement on the CENH website Listing as a valued member in our annual reports Receive the CENH general newsletter Free gift with membership A discount on all CENH merchandise Free CENH member decal Free CENH sticker MUNICIPALITIES From the White Mountains to the Seacoast We're experienced in assisting local energy committees, municipal staff, school staff, and community leaders in the organization pursuit, and successful completion of clean energy and energy efficiency projects so NH's municipalities can save money, become energy independent, and meet their sustainability goals. Learn more about our local energy solutions work. Quick View Gold Municipal Membership Price $500.00 Quick View Municipal Membership Price $250.00 Membership - Business Membership - Individuals Membership - Municipality

  • NH ENERGY FAST-FACTS | Clean Energy NH

    ENERGY FAST FACTS Use this page for a quick look at New Hampshire's clean energy landscape! 5 Renewable Energy Rebate Programs 70+ Local Energy Committees 110 Megawatts of Solar Capacity 3 Onshore Wind Farms Over 13,000 Cleantech Jobs 120+ Commercial Modern Wood Heat Systems 1 Battery Storage Pilot Program 25% Renewable Energy Goal by 2025 60+ Small Hydroelectric Facilities 40+ Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Energize 360 campaign on the NH Seacoast Students tour the Town of Durham's solar array and Tesla Model X Crowd gathers at the commissioning of a community solar project in Hollis, NH Bishop blesses solar array on a NH church Clean Energy NH member Frase Electric working on an apartment solar installation Rolfe Canal Hydro in NH

  • Circuit Riders Program | Clean Energy NH

    ENERGY CIRCUIT RIDER PROGRAM Photo by Cheryl Senter, courtesy of the NH Charitable Foundation ABOUT OUR ENERGY CIRCUIT RIDERS The Energy Circuit Rider (ECR) Program was created and piloted in Co ö s County beginning in 2019. Over the past three years, the North Country Circuit Rider has helped more than a dozen communities complete more than 30 energy efficiency and clean energy projects. The program has helped the communities to receive more than $500,000 worth of incentives and grants, which have resulted in more than $2 million dollars of investment in clean energy projects. ​ The Energy Circuit Rider is a shared staff person providing services to multiple cities and towns across a region. The Energy Circuit Riders help municipalities plan, finance, and implement energy-saving upgrades to buildings and infrastructure, as well as clean energy technologies such as renewable energy or electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Working side-by-side with municipal officials, ECRs provide capacity and expertise to support informed decision-making. ​ Under the North Country Energy Circuit Rider program, Melissa Elander acts as an additional staff person for communities in Coös County, helping communities implement energy projects that reduce operating costs and improve sustainability. Melissa works with municipalities and schools in Shelburne, Stratford, Whitefield, Columbia, Gorham, Pittsburg, Bethlehem, Randolph, and Colebrook. ​ Long-term, CENH intends to expand the ECR program statewide. However, currently our service is available to all municipalities in Coös County and the Monadnock Region, and small businesses in Coös County. We intend to expand to other regions in New Hampshire, and are actively seeking out funding sources to grow the ECR team. Municipalities will be selected for participation based on need and willingness to work collaboratively to realize the benefits of local energy projects in their communities. ​ Read more information about the program here . ​ To learn more about the ECR Program, please contact Clean Energy NH’s Executive Director, Sam Evans-Brown at . Melissa Elander Energy Circuit Rider (North Country) Gabe Chelius Community Energy Coordinator (North Country) John Kondos Energy Circuit Rider (Monadnock Region) Katrin Kasper Energy Circuit Rider (Seacoast Region) "THAT PROGRAM HAS BEEN A GODSEND FOR THE WHOLE NORTH COUNTRY" -Rob Larson, Whitefield Public Works Director

  • LES Conference | Clean Energy NH

    LOCAL ENERGY SOLUTIONS (LES) CONFERENCE The annual Local Energy Solutions (LES) Conference is New Hampshire's premier energy event for local energy champions, policymakers, municipal officials, state agencies, and industry representatives. Thank you to our 2023 sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and attendees for making the 15th annual event such a great success. Check back next summer for more information about the 2024 event. 2023 EVENT PHOTOS Capturing the moments of the event was courtesy of Rooted in Light Media . "Calpine is a strong supporter of Community Energy and the right to choice across the country. New Hampshire’s newest energy provider, CPCNH, represents the future in Community Choice. LES gives us the unique opportunity to meet all participants in effecting the change along with facilitating the necessary dialogue needed to learn from each other." 2023 DIGITAL PROGRAM 2023 LES Conference Lead Sponsor 2022 HIGHLIGHTS INSIGHT FROM PAST LES CONFERENCES Did you miss the conference the past few years? Well, you're in luck. We've compiled a playlist of all our main speaker sessions on YouTube along with past conference programs. ​ 2022 Conference Session Playlist 2022 Conference Program 2021 Conference Session Playlist 2021 Conference Program CHECK BACK SUMMER 2024 SPONSORSHIP GET INVOLVED ACCOMMODATIONS . SESSION SPEAKERS Down . EXHIBITOR HALL Down

  • News & Media | Clean Energy NH

    NEWS & MEDIA Advocates fear N.H. clean energy proposal would pit nuclear against solar, wind Climate and clean energy advocates in New Hampshire say a pending proposal to define nuclear power as clean energy could undercut solar and wind power in the state. ​ Though the details are still in the works, state Rep. Michael Vose, chair of the legislature’s science, technology, and energy committee, is drafting a bill that would allow nuclear power generators, such as New Hampshire’s Seabrook Station, to receive payments for contributing clean energy to the grid. Read the full article. New Hampshire Delegation Welcomes Nearly $500,000 to Expand Energy Efficiency Efforts in Rural Communities (Washington, DC) – U.S. Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Maggie Hassan (D-NH) alongside U.S. Representatives Annie Kuster (NH-02) and Chris Pappas (NH-01) announced that $499,128 is heading to Clean Energy NH to support the expansion of their work to assist small businesses and agricultural producers in New Hampshire’s rural communities with energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. These funds were allocated through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) Technical Assistance as part of nearly $2 billion in funding provided for REAP through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Read the full article. (Opinion) NHSaves is back before the PUC Imagine you could go to the store and purchase a coupon for one dollar, and that coupon provides the recipient with two dollars and twenty-seven cents. It’s likely the stores offering these coupons wouldn’t be able to keep them in stock. Savvy shoppers would scoop up those coupons by the armload, and the staff at the store may have to limit customers from taking too many. ​ This imaginary scenario is absurd, but in broad strokes it also describes the state’s energy-efficiency policies, which operate under the brand name “NHSaves.” The next iteration of the state’s three-year energy efficiency plan is set to be approved by state regulators by the end of November, and the programs as a whole are forecast to generate $2.27 in benefits for Granite Staters for every dollar invested. Read the full article. How long-term procurement could help ratepayers and get clean energy projects built A new long-term energy procurement law in the state is slated to create a market of power purchase agreements between utilities and energy generators for as long as 20 years. ​ Proponents this past legislative session viewed Senate Bill 54 , signed into law by Gov. Chris Sununu in August, as a financial mechanism to benefit ratepayers hit hard by the price volatility of natural gas. The new law allows Eversource, Unitil, and Liberty Utilities – the three utilities regulated by the state’s Public Utilities Commission – to enter into multi-year purchase power agreements for up to 2 million megawatt-hours annually. Prior, the utilities were restricted to six-month rate contract agreements. Read the full article. In unexpected move, New Hampshire utilities voice support for solar net metering New Hampshire’s electric utilities have come out in favor of continuing the state’s current system for compensating customers who share surplus solar power on the grid. ​ Eversource, Unitil, and Liberty Utilities surprised clean energy advocates by submitting joint testimony to state regulators last month endorsing the state’s current net metering structure. The program credits customers roughly 75% of the standard electricity rate for any unused solar generation that flows back onto the grid and is used by other customers. Read the full article. As NH sets out to gauge energy efficiency awareness, some say education isn’t enough CONCORD, NH – Communities and organizations in six rural counties will share $11 million in federal funds awarded through grants from the Northern Border Regional Commission (NBRC). ​ Created by the US Congress in 2008, the NBRC is a federal-state partnership working to alleviate economic challenges in northern counties across New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. In New Hampshire, projects are eligible for the Catalyst program in all, or portions of, Belknap; Carroll; Cheshire; Coos; Grafton, and Sullivan Counties. Read the full article. As NH sets out to gauge energy efficiency awareness, some say education isn’t enough The latest triennial energy efficiency plan filed by New Hampshire’s utility companies could save consumers $675 million, prevent 2 million tons of greenhouse gases from going into the atmosphere, and support 1,718 full-time jobs. Read the full article. NH utilities file new energy efficiency plans after controversy New Hampshire utility companies have submitted their latest three-year plan for energy efficiency programs, after years of conflict among state leaders over who should pay for energy efficiency and how those programs should work. Read the full article. How the Inflation Reduction Act is helping to jumpstart New Hampshire’s long-stalled climate plan New Hampshire — long an outlier among New England states on climate action — is on its way to creating a new climate plan for the first time in 14 years. ​ The state budget adopted last week includes a $3 million federal grant from a program intended to support the development of climate action plans across the country. Read the full article. Sununu announces support for proposed transmission lines for Canadian hydropower Gov. Chris Sununu expressed his support today for a proposed electric transmission project that could bring hydropower from Canada into New England through Vermont and New Hampshire. The Twin States Clean Energy Link is a proposal to move that hydropower using existing routes for power lines and new, buried power lines along state roadways. Read the full article. NH regulators approve Unitil plan for Kingston solar array New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commission has approved a plan from the utility company Unitil to build a solar array. The company says it’s set to be the largest in the state. Unitil spokesperson Alec O’Meara said the company plans to begin construction later this year. Read the full article. NH regulators approve Unitil plan for Kingston solar array New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commission has approved a plan from the utility company Unitil to build a solar array. The company says it’s set to be the largest in the state. Unitil spokesperson Alec O’Meara said the company plans to begin construction later this year. Read the full article. More electric vehicles are coming. But NH lawmakers are split on charging infrastructure study bill. The number of electric vehicles on New England roads is growing . But people driving EVs don’t have many charging options in New Hampshire. A bill introduced in the state Senate would create a committee to study how the state could help fund the development of more charging infrastructure. But legislators are split on the issue. Read the full article. New Hampshire bill would offer new path for utilities to procure electricity Long a proponent of allowing the free market to dictate energy sources and prices, the administration of Gov. Chris Sununu is now having second thoughts. Citing New Hampshire’s soaring electricity prices, the administration is pushing legislation that would allow electric distribution utilities to buy power directly from generators rather than solicit new energy resources from regional wholesale markets. Read the full article. New Hampshire sits out on $3.6B Northeast clean hydrogen hub proposal Much of the Northeast joined together last week in submitting a whopping $3.62 billion proposal to the federal government in hopes of becoming a regional clean hydrogen hub. Missing from the announcement was New Hampshire. Read the full article. Over 2 million more electric vehicles estimated in New England over next decade New England's grid operator says approximately 2.4 million more electric vehicles could be driving on the region's roads in the next decade. But clean energy advocates say without significant improvements to EV infrastructure and policy in New Hampshire, uptake here will lag behind. Read the full article. PUC report spurs concerns about future of state’s energy efficiency programs In 2021, New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commission sent the state’s energy utilities into turmoil: It approved a plan to slash funding for the “NHSaves” energy efficiency program down to 2017 levels, sparking an outcry and legal challenges from the utilities. Read the full article. Clean Energy NH Adds Six New Board Members Clean Energy NH, the state’s leading advocate for a zero carbon energy system, is pleased to announce that the following individuals have joined its board of directors. Read the full article. In N.H., frustrations and finger-pointing as Dems try again on climate legislation For the fourth year in a row, Democratic lawmakers and their allies in New Hampshire will push for the state to join the rest of New England in codifying state-level greenhouse gas reduction goals. Read the full article. Public Utilities Commission issues report on energy efficiency ahead of next plan deadline New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commission released a report earlier this month on energy efficiency, detailing their findings from an investigation launched in August assessing how those programs work. Read the full article. New England grapples with sky-high electricity rates as Ukraine war squeezes gas supply New Englanders are contending with some of the highest electricity rates in the country this winter as they weather the transatlantic ripple effects of a global gas crunch. Residents of New England’s six states have thus far enjoyed a relatively mild winter without rolling blackouts. Read the full article. From Climate Exhortation to Climate Execution There are about a hundred and forty million homes in the United States. Two-thirds, or about eighty-five million, of them are detached single-family houses; the rest are apartment units or trailer homes. Read the full article. Evans-Brown: Yes, your electric bill just went crazy. Here’s what you can do about it On Dec. 1, electric supply rates for Unitil customers went from 17.8 cents per kwh to 33.7 cents. When you get your next bill, it will be somewhere between $85 and $100 higher than your last one. Read the full article. New Hampshire’s latest energy strategy: blame other states for rising costs New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu’s administration is taking aim at the five other New England states, blaming their investments in renewable energy for higher electricity costs regionwide. Read the full article. Opinion: Don’t get left behind, New Hampshire In 2019, author and investor Ramez Naam opined that the world had entered the “Third Phase of Clean Energy .” He concluded, based on large volumes of data, that a threshold had been crossed and it was now cheaper to build new renewable energy resources than to operate existing fossil fuel resources. Read the full release. State regulators approve Eversource’s electric vehicle infrastructure plan A plan from Eversource to spend about $2 million helping to build out electric vehicle charging infrastructure in New Hampshire was approved by the Public Utilities Commission late Monday. Read the full article. Community Power Rules Finalized: Regulators Open the Door to Revolutionary Community Electricity Programs The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission finalized the long-awaited rules which will govern New Hampshire’s community power aggregation program. The creation of this program will help to realize the potential of market competition in New Hampshire’s electricity sector which began more than two decades ago, in 1996. Read the full press release. Ride and Drive Expo Showcases Latest in EV Market Unitil Corporation, a provider of natural gas and electricity to customers in New England, teamed up with Clean Energy NH for an electric vehicle Ride and Drive Expo last weekend that attracted dozens of EV enthusiasts and put some curiosity seekers behind the wheel for the first time. Read the full press release. NH takes a step towards being serious about EV's - But the PUC dodges a decision to incentivize public charging infrastructure Via The NH Business Review By: Sam Evans-Brown Every time someone with an electric vehicle plugs it in and charges it overnight, they are saving money for their friends, neighbors and every other customer of their electric utility. Every Time. Don't believe me? Here's how it works. Read the full press release. North Country Communities Vote For Clean Energy Throughout the course of the past week, five Coos County communities approved funding for solar projects which combined will result in over a half a million dollars in energy savings over their lifetimes and leverage as much as $340 thousand dollars in grant support. Read the full press release. Clean Energy NH and Conservation Law Foundation Appeal PUC Efficiency Decision to the NH Supreme Court Today, in collaboration with the Conservation Law Foundation, Clean Energy NH filed an appeal challenging the Public Utilities Commission’s decision to drastically cut the state’s energy efficiency programs, which are delivered under the banner of NH Saves. The PUC struck a dramatic blow to NH Saves in a draconian order issued on November 12 of last year, and have refused to reconsider their decision. Read the full press release , or read the appeal. Clean Energy NH Announces New Board of Directors and Slate of Officers Clean Energy NH (CENH), a nonprofit organization advocating on behalf of clean energy policies and technologies to build a stronger economic future in New Hampshire, announces the appointment of five new members to its Board of Directors and its 2022 slate of officers. Read the full press release . Clean Energy Champions Recognized at Annual Member Holiday Event Clean Energy NH (CENH), the Granite State’s leading clean energy advocate and educator, has announced the winners of its annual awards. Read the full press release . Chris Skoglund to Join Clean Energy NH Skoglund has been a pivotal state official on energy policy for over a decade View Chris's bio . After more than a decade leading climate mitigation efforts as a state employee, Chris Skoglund will join Clean Energy NH as the new Director of Energy Transition. Read the full press release . Lawsuit Filed Challenging Decision Defunding NH Saves Municipalities, Housing Authorities and Efficiency Contractors Join Forces to Challenge PUC Decision Today Clean Energy New Hampshire and nine other energy efficiency advocates filed a lawsuit requesting an injunction that would stay an order issued by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission last month. The order would cut the funding of the popular NH Saves energy efficiency programs by more than 50 percent. The lawsuit documents can be found here . "The documents and testimony compiled in this lawsuit demonstrate that if not stayed, this order will result in irreparable harm to countless New Hampshire businesses," said Sam Evans-Brown Executive Director of Clean Energy NH, "We urge the Superior Court to act swiftly to provide these businesses with relief while the PUC order is reconsidered." ​ ​ View the updated EERS Legal Fight Page. Clean Energy NH, Local Communities and Local Contractors Sue to Block Cuts to Efficiency Programs Clean Energy New Hampshire, in conjunction with local efficiency contractors and others that will be harmed by a November 12th order from utility regulators, announced it will file a lawsuit in the New Hampshire Superior Court. ​ Read the full article Here. View the updated EERS Legal Fight Page . Clean Energy NH Announces New Deputy Director Stay Work Play NH Veteran Moves to Growing Clean Energy Organization View Beth's bio . ​ Clean Energy New Hampshire (CENH) is adding to its team with the appointment of Beth San Soucie as Deputy Director. San Soucie most recently served as the Director of Communications at Stay Work Play New Hampshire, a nonprofit dedicated to attracting and retaining more young people to New Hampshire. Read the full press release . Clean Energy NH Comments in Energy Storage Docket Read them here ! NEW Solar Report & NH Specific Factsheet Released NEW report shows small-scale solar produced wholesale energy market benefits of $1.1 billion for ALL New England ratepayers from 2014-2019. Read the report here and view the NH factsheet here How energy efficiency could be a powerful force for economic recovery July 2, 2020 Read it here! Understanding the FERC net metering petition June 10, 2019 Read it here! Clean Energy NH welcome new board members January 3, 2019 Read it here! Transportation Climate Initiative Draft MOU Released December 2019 Read it here! Clean Energy NH Statement on HB365 Upheld Veto September 18, 2019 Read it here! NH hosts world's first electric vehicle relay! September 16, 2019 Read about it here! Proposed Fitzwilliam solar array project unveiled to Public July 22, 2019 Read it here! Clean Energy NH Statement on HB365 Veto June 3, 2019 Read it here! Clean Energy NH Welcomes Two New Board of Directors Members April 22, 2019 Read it here! EnBW North America Joins Clean Energy NH, Signaling Emergence of the NH Offshore Wind Market March 13, 2019 Read it here! Sununu Requests State-Federal Offshore Wind Task Force NHPR, January 7, 2019 Read it here! NH's energy future is not a partisan issue NH Business Review, December 7, 2018 Read it here ! NH settlement moves 'cutting edge' utility BTM storage pilot forward Utility Dive, November 28, 2018 Read it here !

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    CLEAN ENERGY RESOURCES FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT FUNDING & SUPPORT NH Community Development Finance Authority’s (CDFA) Community Facilities Energy Assessment Program provides grant funding to reduce the cost of energy-related studies for New Hampshire municipalities and nonprofit organizations. ​ Link: Supported by the U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities Program, the Granite State Clean Cities Coalition (GSCCC) seeks to reduce petroleum use in transportation through the use of domestically produced, cleaner burning alternative fuels and other fuel reduction strategies. ​ Link: NHSaves offers programs that help save money on energy efficiency solutions and upgrades. Covered measures include high efficiency HVAC upgrade or replacement, LED, weatherization, energy audits, refrigeration, new construction, and renovation. ​ Link: NH Dept. of Environmental Services provides loans and grants through their Clean Water State Revolving Fund, along with low-cost financial assistance for planning, design, and construction projects to communities, nonprofits, and other local government entities for both wastewater infrastructure (collection systems, pumping stations, and wastewater treatment) and other water pollution control projects. Link: The US Department of Agriculture runs the Community Facilities Program to help you develop essential community facilities in rural areas. An essential community facility is defined as a facility that provides an essential service to the local community for the orderly development of the community in a primarily rural area, and does not include private, commercial or business undertakings. ​ Link: Can't Find Quite What You're Looking For? CONTACT US

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    ABOUT US Mission To lead New Hampshire’s clean energy transition. Vision By 2050, New Hampshire’s energy system is decarbonized. Guiding Principles We are focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and beneficial electrification. Energy rates and costs must be affordable for all. The energy system must distribute economic and environmental burdens fairly. The energy system must be secure, resilient, and reliable. How We Work As the go-to resource on clean energy technologies and policies, we will utilize three complementary strategies at the local, state, regional and national levels to advance clean energy in NH: Policy Advocacy & Leadership – CENH will provide reliable expert advocacy before the state’s legislature and Public Utilities Commission, as well as before committees and boards where critical decisions are made. Education, Outreach, Technical Support – CENH will provide technical assistance and education that is accessible to all. Network Engagement & Coordination – CENH will actively engage with key NH stakeholders across all sectors to build consensus and advance priorities. OUR HISTORY Clean Energy NH was originally the "NH Sustainable Energy Association". The organization was founded in 2003 by a small group of homeowners and renewable energy enthusiasts interested in networking and learning about sustainable building and residential renewable energy applications. The organization evolved to become a membership-based non-profit in 2008. Solar home tour during the Energize360 campaign on the NH Seacoast CENH Board and Staff at our 2023 Board Retreat In 2019, we rebranded and changed our name to "Clean Energy NH". As our influence and activities have expanded to include electric vehicles, energy storage, economic development, infrastructure, and beyond, our new name positions the organization to continue our track record of success with renewed vigor and a revised mission. Clean Energy NH’s membership now includes hundreds of individuals, businesses, and municipalities, who all turn to us as a trusted local expert in energy policies. CENH staff provide education and advice that integrates expert knowledge on state-level energy policies and programs with complete visibility into how various federal programs are deployed at the local level. We also serve as a hub for education and advocacy regarding the latest happenings at the legislative and executive branches of NH Government. OUR WORK We build relationships among people and organizations using a fact-based approach that offers objective, balanced, and practical insights for transforming NH's clean energy economy and sustaining its citizens’ way of life. We educate audiences on all matters pertaining to generating, storing, and efficiently using clean energy and to accelerate technology and opportunities that provide a more prosperous, low emission future. A solar array on the Shelburne Town Hall, a project which was supported by our North Country Circuit Rider. OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS Clean Energy NH staff with Senator Maggie Hassan at an event in Claremont The organizing partners of the 2023 NH Energy Week. photo credit: Rooted In Light Media For over a decade, we have defended New Hampshire’s foundational clean energy policies, the Renewable Energy Fund, the Renewable Portfolio Standard and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative We led in the elimination of the 100 MW cap on net-metered solar power, and the development of a fair “net-metering 2.0” tariff We were instrumental in overturning the repeal of the state’s efficiency program, NH Saves We led the passage of the law that allows municipalities to benefit from net metering up to 5 MW We have been crucial in assisting state agencies submit grant applications that will bring tens of millions of federal dollars to NH from the Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act We led the passage of a law that created a program that will build 6 MW of low-income community solar arrays every year in NH. We were instrumental in the creation of NH’s Community Power Aggregation program, which lowers electric rates and allows consumers to choose green power OUR INITIATIVES We provide services and resources to support the Granite State’s clean energy & tech industries, policymakers, and communities. Some of our highlighted programming and events include: Our Energy Circuit Riders provide support to municipal governments in pursuing clean energy investments Founding & management of Drive Electric NH Hosting a high quality annual calendar of educational and networking events, the annual Local Energy Solutions Conference for annual NH Energy Week Host of topical workshops and forums on topics including policy, electric rates, solar siting, energy storage, grid modernization, and more Clean Energy NH & Eversource staff during the 2019 Electric Vehicle relay EXPLORE MORE 2021 ANNUAL REPORT 2020 ANNUAL REPORT Logo Use Policy MEET THE TEAM ORGANIZATIONAL BYLAWS Membership Policy NEWSLETTER 2019 IRS 990

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    OFFSHORE WIND A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR NEW HAMPSHIRE WHY OFFSHORE WIND? Offshore wind energy provides a multitude of opportunities for New Hampshire, including: ABUNDANT CLEAN ENERGY NEW, WELL-PAYING JOBS ROBUST INVESTMENTS It is estimated that the coast of New Hampshire has enough offshore wind potential to supply 2,600 MW of clean energy to the region's power grid, enough to power the entire Granite State. Due to New Hampshire's unique geographic position, the state is also well-positioned to host offshore wind supply chain companies. Offshore wind developments can provide significant investment in the state's economy and offer a suite of well-paying jobs across a suite of supporting industries. OUR INVOLVEMENT Clean Energy NH has been a leader in the effort to bring offshore wind to the state. Our staff are known as experts on the industry and have worked tirelessly to build a network of support for the industry. In 2018, Clean Energy NH led a foreign trade delegation to the Kingdom of Denmark, a global leader in offshore wind, to learn from the country's successful offshore wind projects and promote New Hampshire as a prime site for offshore wind supply chain development. Clean Energy NH is actively involved in various efforts to advance offshore wind, including monitoring the BOEM Gulf of Maine Renewable Energy Task Force. STATUS New Hampshire is one of three states, along with Massachusetts and Maine, participating in the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's (BOEM) Gulf of Maine Renewable Energy Task Force. The Task Force, composed of local and state elected officials and agency representatives, is a federal requirement recognized as the first step towards development. During the Task Force, members will discuss and finalize lease areas in federal waters off the New England coast, along with various other important topics related to offshore wind development including impacts on wildlife, fishing, ocean travel, and more. ​ Governor Sununu has also announced the formation of four advisory boards to work with stakeholders and advise Task Force members. The advisory boards include: Fisheries, endangered species, and environmental impacts advisory board, chaired by the commissioner of the Department of Environmental Services, or designee Workforce, economic development, and supply chain advisory board, chaired by the commissioner of the Department of Business and Economic Affairs, or designee Existing offshore industries advisory board, chaired by the executive director of the Pease Development Authority, or designee Siting, transmission, and infrastructure advisory board, chaired by the director of the Office of Strategic Initiatives, or designee ​ LEARN MORE Clean Energy NH maintains an extensive database of resources related to offshore wind. Access the database to learn more about this important clean energy source here ! WEBINAR RECORDING Clean Energy NH hosted a webinar in April 2020 titled "Offshore Wind in the Gulf of Maine: The Basics, Status, and What They Mean for New Hampshire". View the recording here .

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    COMMUNITY POWER BRINGING NEW HAMPSHIRE RESIDENTS AND BUSINESS OWNERS CLEANER ENERGY AT COMPETITIVE RATES WHAT IS COMMUNITY POWER? Under a Community Power program, a local government such as a city, town, or county, may procure electricity on behalf of its their residents and businesses on a competitive basis. Community Power programs enable economies of scale associated with bulk purchasing power to lower electricity costs for communities. Community Power programs democratize energy sector governance by enabling local communities to choose where their electricity comes from. By bypassing outdated regulations and legacy technologies, these programs can harness private-sector innovation to lower costs for customers and provide other energy services. ​ Electric distribution utilities (e.g., Eversource, Liberty Utilities, NH Electric Cooperative, and Unitil) continue to deliver electricity to customers via their transmission distribution systems. ​ Community Power is sometimes referred to as “ municipal aggregation ” or “ community choice aggregation .” WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? By aggregating purchasing power across a community, and by having greater flexibility in energy contracting than regulated utilities, Community Power programs can harness private sector innovation to lower costs for their customers. Community Power programs may choose to purchase power based on other attributes such as renewable sources. Community Power programs can also be a vehicle to construct local renewable energy projects to be the source of power for the program. HOW DOES A LOCAL GOVERNMENT FORM A COMMUNITY POWER PROGRAM? The first step for a local government to implement a Community Power program is for the local governing body – select board, town council, city council, or county commission – to form an electric aggregation committee to develop a Community Power Plan. Multiple towns, cities, or counties may group together to form committees to develop these plans. ​ Once the Community Power plan has been finalized it must be approved for implementation by the local government’s legislative body (e.g., town meeting vote, city council vote). NH COMMUNITY POWER PROVIDERS HOW DO I LEARN MORE ABOUT COMMUNITY POWER? View our downloadable PDF here or contact us at . ​ Municipal members with Clean Energy NH receive exclusive technical assistance on topics such as community power. Become a municipal member for the latest updates and information on community power, energy efficiency, funding opportunities, and more.

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    ENERGY SAVINGS Energy prices are soaring and winter is coming. Whether you rent or own a home, or are a business owner, everyone is looking for ways in which to lower energy costs and save money this season. INDIVIDUALS Take control of your own energy usage with dozens of energy-saving ideas, tips and how-tos. COMMUNITY Team up to help other members of your community. ADVOCATE Share your own ideas and results so others can benefit. ENERGY SAVINGS : INDIVIDUALS CONTACT YOUR LOCAL UTILITY APPLY FOR AID THROUGH YOUR COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY If you need help paying your electric or fuel bills or making your home snug for the winter, contact your local Community Action Agency (CAA) to apply for help. You must be a resident of New Hampshire and meet income eligibility requirements. With a backlog of applications, don't delay. Click here for a list of CAA phone numbers. The NH Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LiHEAP) provides economic aid for home heating costs for qualified renters and homeowners. if you or a family member qualify for SNAP, SSI or TANF, you are automatically eligible. Others must meet income eligibility requirements. ​ Under the Energy Assistance Program (EAP) income-eligible customers of Eversource, Liberty, Unitil or the NH Electric Co-op can qualify for a 12-month discount on their monthly electric bill. Funds are limited, but successful applicants can get 8 - 76% off their bills. WEATHERIZATION AUDITS AND ASSISTANCE Weatherization boosts your home's energy efficiency, safety, and comfort by repairing or improving its outside layer (the shell). It can include fixing broken doors and windows, patching small holes in the walls or roof, adding insulation, fixing the furnace and installing weatherstripping. Test your home's energy efficiency . Enter your home's energy usage in Home Performance with Energy Star (HPWES). A low score may qualify you for a home audit that may help you earn incentives for energy efficiency or weatherization help. ​ The NH Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) directs federal grant money to low-income households hardest hit by high energy costs and not able to weatherize their homes without assistance. Eligibility guidelines are the same as for LIHEAP, but applicants must wait for an energy audit to see if their dwelling space qualifies for the program. ​ USDA offers a Single Family Repair Loans & Grants program to very low-income rural homeowners who cannot get credit from other source. Known as the Section 504 program, amounts of $10,000 - $40,000 can be used to repair, improve or modernize homes. Many LiHEAP recipients use these funds to repair their homes before installing energy efficiency upgrades. ​ ​ ​ ​ Take control of your energy consumption for free by simply changing some of your habits. Check out our 30-day Energy Challenge to get inspired for how to lower your bill. Visit the 30 Day Challengage gameboard below, or join us on Twitter and Instagram and show us how you're participating. Even better - use this as an opportunity to share your energy savings ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ PARTICIPATE IN THE CENH 30-DAY ENERGY CHALLENGE CHOOSE A COMPETITIVE ENERGY SUPPLIER A competitive supplier is a company licensed by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (NHPUC) to sell electric supply products to electricity consumers. They are separate from the utilities and focus mainly on energy supply . Visit the links below for more information about competitive energy supply, how to make the switch, and important FAQs before making your decision. ​ Considerations when choosing an energy supplier Residential Competitive Energy Suppliers ​ ​ ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ENERGY SAVINGS : COMMUNITY CHECK IN AND SHARE TIPS Ask your neighbors, especially seniors, if they know about this website and the many money-saving ideas and resources listed. If you think they might qualify for rate assistance, make sure they have the number of your local Community Action Agency and urge them to call ASAP to apply for aid. Ask if they need help putting energy-saving ideas into practice. Have they swapped out their old bulbs for LED lights? If not, offer to buy the bulbs on their behalf and install them if they need help. ​ Look for other ways you can help each other save on energy, such as carpooling to the grocery store or running an errand for someone else while you're out so you can save them a special trip. Get creative! ORGANIZE AN EVENT Suggest that your Chamber of Commerce , local hardware store or building supply store host a public demonstration explaining when to use different kinds of insulation and weatherizing products and showing how to install them. ​ Even better : Ask retailers to make a special energy-saving section or display in their store and offer volume discounts on LEDs, weatherstripping and thermal window film. ​ Urge your church group, civic club, scout troop or neighbors to sponsor a fundraiser to buy energy monitors and weatherizing tools for a tool lending library. Host a coffee hour or drop-in day so others can learn how to use the new tools. ​ Even better : Offer to do the work for one or more families who need hands-on help. DO MORE GOOD WITH WOOD Start a "wood bank" - think of it like a food bank, a place where people can pick up items they need. In this case, it's a place where they can pick up firewood for free. Financial assistance for wood banks An in-depth guide on how to start a wood bank A list of New Hampshire wood banks: Sean Powers Wood Bank, Hopkinton, (603) 568-2783​ The Grapevine Community Wood Bank, Antrim, (603) 588-7154 Wood Ministry at Kearsarge Presbyterian Church, (603) 526-4800 Peterborough Community Wood Bank, Peterborough, (603) 924-6800 Warner Community Wood Bank, Warner, (603) 456-3303 LEARN ABOUT WINDOW DRESSERS This community-based program matches volunteers with homes that need window inserts to save on heating bills. ​ ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ENERGY SAVINGS: ADVOCATE BECOME A LOCAL LEADER Get involved with your local Energy Committee or Energy Commission. Reach out to your City or Town Clerk to learn if there is one in your community. If there's not one in your town, consider starting one with other clean energy champions. Visit here to find more information and resources on how to get one started. SUPPORT NH'S ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND RENEWABLE ENERGY PROGRAMS Let your NH State Representative and Senator know you care about energy costs and value the programs offered by NHSaves. Not sure of the elected official serving your district? Find your State Senator here and your NH State Representatives here . JOIN CLEAN ENERGY NH! Support the organization that is working in local communities, serving as regulatory watchdogs, and working with bipartisan coalitions of energy stakeholders to support favorable policies and practices that strengthen NH’s clean energy industry. Become a member Donate Volunteer: Email us at of your interest Individuals Community Advocate Resources ENERGY SAVINGS: RESOURCES Energy Efficiency Rebates and Incentives: NH Department of Energy: A great starting point -the site provides information specific to NH utilities. Federal tax credits with ENERGY STAR NHSaves program ​ For Businesses: Check for savings by using these checklists (includes commercial buildings, housing, schools, churches, industrial plants, etc. North Country Farmers and Small Business Energy Savings/Funding Workshop ​ ENERGY SAVINGS: FAQs What should I unplug when I go on vacation? ​ What other recommendations would you have to save money year round? ​ FAQs

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