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  • Resources For Organizations | Clean Energy NH

    Clean Energy Resources For Organizations ORGANIZATIONS Granite State Hydropower Association (GSHA) is a non-profit trade association for the small-scale independent hydropower industry in New Hampshire. Members of GSHA own, operate and manage 49 hydroelectric facilities located in 36 towns and cities throughout the state, totaling 54.9 megawatts. ​ Link: New Hampshire's statewide chamber of commerce, promoting a healthy climate for job creation and a strong New Hampshire economy. ​ Link: NH Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is the leading resource for business advising and education for small businesses in the Granite State. ​ Link: New Hampshire's local chapter of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) whose members include professionals dedicated to advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world. ​ Link: New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) convenes, inspires and supports businesses and their community stakeholders to build a more sustainable and prosperous state for all. ​ Link: NH Saves is resource provided by a local coalition of energy companies and providers to help make homes, businesses and towns more sustainable and more comfortable places to live and work, both now and in the future. ​ Link: EDUCATION & TRAINING CCSNH is a public system of higher education consisting of seven colleges located across NH. All colleges in CCSNH are accredited by the New England Commission on Higher Education, the same entity that accredits 4-year colleges and universities in New Hampshire. ​ Link: WORKFORCE The Community College System of NH (CCSNH) is leading efforts to enhance Registered Apprenticeship opportunities. These grants support the development of new Registered Apprenticeship opportunities, provides funding for related instruction at NH’s community colleges, and supports outreach to employers who wish to expand work-based learning at their sites. ​ Link: Stay Work Play provides a job board and career opportunities for residents in and /or looking to move to New Hampshire. ​ Link: FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES The New Hampshire Department of Energy provides funding for various clean energy initiatives throughout the year. Check back regularly. ​ Link: Transportation excellence in New Hampshire is fundamental to the state's sustainable economic development and land use, enhancing the environment, and preserving the unique character and quality of life. ​ Link: Securing funding is critical to the success of efforts to implement alternative fuels, advanced vehicle technologies, and fuel-saving strategies. Funding opportunities for Clean Cities coalition projects are available from many sources inside and outside the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). ​ Link: EERE’s mission is to accelerate the research, development, demonstration, and deployment of technologies and solutions to equitably transition America to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy-wide by no later than 2050, and ensure the clean energy economy benefits all Americans. ​ Link: The US Department of Agriculture runs the Rural Energy for America Program, focused on renewable energy systems and providing energy efficiency improvement guaranteed loans & grants. ​ Link: The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission has frequent RFPs for grants and government contracts related to clean and sustainable energy. Check back regularly. ​ Link: The New Hampshire Community Development Finanace Authority (CDFA) has frequent RFPs for grants related to clean and sustainable energy. Check back regularly. ​ Link: Can't Find Quite What You're Looking For? CONTACT US

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    NEWS & MEDIA New England utilities plan ‘transformational’ data platform to make it easier to calculate energy savings A group of New England utilities plans to seek federal funding for a regional energy data platform that would make it easier for consumers and contractors to estimate potential savings from efficiency upgrades or new electric technologies. Read the full article. Large New Hampshire solar projects face delays trying to connect to power grid When conveyor belt manufacturer Wire Belt opened its new facility in Bedford, N.H., last fall, the company looked forward to saving money and fighting climate change with a 2,400-panel solar array installed on the roof. Read the full article. Citizens Champions Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Through Local Grant Program Citizens announced today seven nonprofits selected as its 2024 Champions in Action®. Each Champion in Action will receive $50,000 in unrestricted funding, as well as promotional support from local media partners and volunteers from Citizens to support their work improving energy efficiency within their own operations or expanding access to clean or renewable energy services in the communities they serve. Read the full article. As NH looks to federal money to expand EV charging, losing out on grants is a blow New Hampshire lost out on about $15 million of federal funding for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, according to an announcement from the federal highway administration, dealing a blow to the state's efforts to build out a more robust EV charging network. Read the full article. Opinion: Utilities need a business model that’s aligned with the needs of society or nearly twenty years electricity consumption has been pancake flat in the United States, but that era is about to end. Electrification is coming. Electric vehicles are hitting the road much faster than we ever anticipated. There are currently just over 10,000 EVs registered in New Hampshire, but by 2032 there are forecast to be more than 165,000. Read the full article. Grants would help less affluent New Hampshire towns invest in public solar projects New Hampshire’s energy department is preparing to road-test a grant program meant to help disadvantaged cities and towns access the environmental and financial benefits of solar power. The state plans to use $1.4 million from the 2021 federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Act to help fund the installation of solar projects up to 60 kilowatts on municipal buildings or land. The grant will cover up to 95% of the costs of a qualifying solar project for lower-income cities and towns and 60% for other municipalities. Read the full article. Shaheen Introduces Legislation to Help Rural Communities Benefit from Investments in Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency (Washington, DC) - U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) introduced The Energy Circuit Riders Act, legislation to help ensure communities in rural America can take advantage of historic investments in energy efficiency and clean energy. Shaheen’s bill would establish a new grant program within USDA Rural Development to help eligible entities hire local, on-the-ground experts that travel to rural communities and provide assistance on projects that can help save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Read the full article. New Hampshire seeks IRA grant to help low-income residents tap the benefits of solar New Hampshire’s Department of Energy has requested a $70 million federal grant to expand community solar programs for low-income residents, an infusion of funds that supporters said could lower energy bills, accelerate decarbonization, and perhaps even catalyze the development of much-needed affordable housing. Read the full article. Advocates fear N.H. clean energy proposal would pit nuclear against solar, wind Climate and clean energy advocates in New Hampshire say a pending proposal to define nuclear power as clean energy could undercut solar and wind power in the state. ​ Though the details are still in the works, state Rep. Michael Vose, chair of the legislature’s science, technology, and energy committee, is drafting a bill that would allow nuclear power generators, such as New Hampshire’s Seabrook Station, to receive payments for contributing clean energy to the grid. Read the full article. New Hampshire Delegation Welcomes Nearly $500,000 to Expand Energy Efficiency Efforts in Rural Communities (Washington, DC) – U.S. Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Maggie Hassan (D-NH) alongside U.S. Representatives Annie Kuster (NH-02) and Chris Pappas (NH-01) announced that $499,128 is heading to Clean Energy NH to support the expansion of their work to assist small businesses and agricultural producers in New Hampshire’s rural communities with energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. These funds were allocated through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) Technical Assistance as part of nearly $2 billion in funding provided for REAP through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Read the full article. (Opinion) NHSaves is back before the PUC Imagine you could go to the store and purchase a coupon for one dollar, and that coupon provides the recipient with two dollars and twenty-seven cents. It’s likely the stores offering these coupons wouldn’t be able to keep them in stock. Savvy shoppers would scoop up those coupons by the armload, and the staff at the store may have to limit customers from taking too many. ​ This imaginary scenario is absurd, but in broad strokes it also describes the state’s energy-efficiency policies, which operate under the brand name “NHSaves.” The next iteration of the state’s three-year energy efficiency plan is set to be approved by state regulators by the end of November, and the programs as a whole are forecast to generate $2.27 in benefits for Granite Staters for every dollar invested. Read the full article. How long-term procurement could help ratepayers and get clean energy projects built A new long-term energy procurement law in the state is slated to create a market of power purchase agreements between utilities and energy generators for as long as 20 years. ​ Proponents this past legislative session viewed Senate Bill 54 , signed into law by Gov. Chris Sununu in August, as a financial mechanism to benefit ratepayers hit hard by the price volatility of natural gas. The new law allows Eversource, Unitil, and Liberty Utilities – the three utilities regulated by the state’s Public Utilities Commission – to enter into multi-year purchase power agreements for up to 2 million megawatt-hours annually. Prior, the utilities were restricted to six-month rate contract agreements. Read the full article. In unexpected move, New Hampshire utilities voice support for solar net metering New Hampshire’s electric utilities have come out in favor of continuing the state’s current system for compensating customers who share surplus solar power on the grid. ​ Eversource, Unitil, and Liberty Utilities surprised clean energy advocates by submitting joint testimony to state regulators last month endorsing the state’s current net metering structure. The program credits customers roughly 75% of the standard electricity rate for any unused solar generation that flows back onto the grid and is used by other customers. Read the full article. As NH sets out to gauge energy efficiency awareness, some say education isn’t enough CONCORD, NH – Communities and organizations in six rural counties will share $11 million in federal funds awarded through grants from the Northern Border Regional Commission (NBRC). ​ Created by the US Congress in 2008, the NBRC is a federal-state partnership working to alleviate economic challenges in northern counties across New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. In New Hampshire, projects are eligible for the Catalyst program in all, or portions of, Belknap; Carroll; Cheshire; Coos; Grafton, and Sullivan Counties. Read the full article. As NH sets out to gauge energy efficiency awareness, some say education isn’t enough The latest triennial energy efficiency plan filed by New Hampshire’s utility companies could save consumers $675 million, prevent 2 million tons of greenhouse gases from going into the atmosphere, and support 1,718 full-time jobs. Read the full article. NH utilities file new energy efficiency plans after controversy New Hampshire utility companies have submitted their latest three-year plan for energy efficiency programs, after years of conflict among state leaders over who should pay for energy efficiency and how those programs should work. Read the full article. How the Inflation Reduction Act is helping to jumpstart New Hampshire’s long-stalled climate plan New Hampshire — long an outlier among New England states on climate action — is on its way to creating a new climate plan for the first time in 14 years. ​ The state budget adopted last week includes a $3 million federal grant from a program intended to support the development of climate action plans across the country. Read the full article. Sununu announces support for proposed transmission lines for Canadian hydropower Gov. Chris Sununu expressed his support today for a proposed electric transmission project that could bring hydropower from Canada into New England through Vermont and New Hampshire. The Twin States Clean Energy Link is a proposal to move that hydropower using existing routes for power lines and new, buried power lines along state roadways. Read the full article. NH regulators approve Unitil plan for Kingston solar array New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commission has approved a plan from the utility company Unitil to build a solar array. The company says it’s set to be the largest in the state. Unitil spokesperson Alec O’Meara said the company plans to begin construction later this year. Read the full article. NH regulators approve Unitil plan for Kingston solar array New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commission has approved a plan from the utility company Unitil to build a solar array. The company says it’s set to be the largest in the state. Unitil spokesperson Alec O’Meara said the company plans to begin construction later this year. Read the full article. More electric vehicles are coming. But NH lawmakers are split on charging infrastructure study bill. The number of electric vehicles on New England roads is growing . But people driving EVs don’t have many charging options in New Hampshire. A bill introduced in the state Senate would create a committee to study how the state could help fund the development of more charging infrastructure. But legislators are split on the issue. Read the full article. New Hampshire bill would offer new path for utilities to procure electricity Long a proponent of allowing the free market to dictate energy sources and prices, the administration of Gov. Chris Sununu is now having second thoughts. Citing New Hampshire’s soaring electricity prices, the administration is pushing legislation that would allow electric distribution utilities to buy power directly from generators rather than solicit new energy resources from regional wholesale markets. Read the full article. New Hampshire sits out on $3.6B Northeast clean hydrogen hub proposal Much of the Northeast joined together last week in submitting a whopping $3.62 billion proposal to the federal government in hopes of becoming a regional clean hydrogen hub. Missing from the announcement was New Hampshire. Read the full article. Over 2 million more electric vehicles estimated in New England over next decade New England's grid operator says approximately 2.4 million more electric vehicles could be driving on the region's roads in the next decade. But clean energy advocates say without significant improvements to EV infrastructure and policy in New Hampshire, uptake here will lag behind. Read the full article. PUC report spurs concerns about future of state’s energy efficiency programs In 2021, New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commission sent the state’s energy utilities into turmoil: It approved a plan to slash funding for the “NHSaves” energy efficiency program down to 2017 levels, sparking an outcry and legal challenges from the utilities. Read the full article. Clean Energy NH Adds Six New Board Members Clean Energy NH, the state’s leading advocate for a zero carbon energy system, is pleased to announce that the following individuals have joined its board of directors. Read the full article. In N.H., frustrations and finger-pointing as Dems try again on climate legislation For the fourth year in a row, Democratic lawmakers and their allies in New Hampshire will push for the state to join the rest of New England in codifying state-level greenhouse gas reduction goals. Read the full article. Public Utilities Commission issues report on energy efficiency ahead of next plan deadline New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commission released a report earlier this month on energy efficiency, detailing their findings from an investigation launched in August assessing how those programs work. Read the full article. New England grapples with sky-high electricity rates as Ukraine war squeezes gas supply New Englanders are contending with some of the highest electricity rates in the country this winter as they weather the transatlantic ripple effects of a global gas crunch. Residents of New England’s six states have thus far enjoyed a relatively mild winter without rolling blackouts. Read the full article. From Climate Exhortation to Climate Execution There are about a hundred and forty million homes in the United States. Two-thirds, or about eighty-five million, of them are detached single-family houses; the rest are apartment units or trailer homes. Read the full article. Evans-Brown: Yes, your electric bill just went crazy. Here’s what you can do about it On Dec. 1, electric supply rates for Unitil customers went from 17.8 cents per kwh to 33.7 cents. When you get your next bill, it will be somewhere between $85 and $100 higher than your last one. Read the full article. New Hampshire’s latest energy strategy: blame other states for rising costs New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu’s administration is taking aim at the five other New England states, blaming their investments in renewable energy for higher electricity costs regionwide. Read the full article. Opinion: Don’t get left behind, New Hampshire In 2019, author and investor Ramez Naam opined that the world had entered the “Third Phase of Clean Energy .” He concluded, based on large volumes of data, that a threshold had been crossed and it was now cheaper to build new renewable energy resources than to operate existing fossil fuel resources. Read the full release. State regulators approve Eversource’s electric vehicle infrastructure plan A plan from Eversource to spend about $2 million helping to build out electric vehicle charging infrastructure in New Hampshire was approved by the Public Utilities Commission late Monday. Read the full article. Community Power Rules Finalized: Regulators Open the Door to Revolutionary Community Electricity Programs The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission finalized the long-awaited rules which will govern New Hampshire’s community power aggregation program. The creation of this program will help to realize the potential of market competition in New Hampshire’s electricity sector which began more than two decades ago, in 1996. Read the full press release. Ride and Drive Expo Showcases Latest in EV Market Unitil Corporation, a provider of natural gas and electricity to customers in New England, teamed up with Clean Energy NH for an electric vehicle Ride and Drive Expo last weekend that attracted dozens of EV enthusiasts and put some curiosity seekers behind the wheel for the first time. Read the full press release. NH takes a step towards being serious about EV's - But the PUC dodges a decision to incentivize public charging infrastructure Via The NH Business Review By: Sam Evans-Brown Every time someone with an electric vehicle plugs it in and charges it overnight, they are saving money for their friends, neighbors and every other customer of their electric utility. Every Time. Don't believe me? Here's how it works. Read the full press release. North Country Communities Vote For Clean Energy Throughout the course of the past week, five Coos County communities approved funding for solar projects which combined will result in over a half a million dollars in energy savings over their lifetimes and leverage as much as $340 thousand dollars in grant support. Read the full press release. Clean Energy NH and Conservation Law Foundation Appeal PUC Efficiency Decision to the NH Supreme Court Today, in collaboration with the Conservation Law Foundation, Clean Energy NH filed an appeal challenging the Public Utilities Commission’s decision to drastically cut the state’s energy efficiency programs, which are delivered under the banner of NH Saves. The PUC struck a dramatic blow to NH Saves in a draconian order issued on November 12 of last year, and have refused to reconsider their decision. Read the full press release , or read the appeal. Clean Energy NH Announces New Board of Directors and Slate of Officers Clean Energy NH (CENH), a nonprofit organization advocating on behalf of clean energy policies and technologies to build a stronger economic future in New Hampshire, announces the appointment of five new members to its Board of Directors and its 2022 slate of officers. Read the full press release . Clean Energy Champions Recognized at Annual Member Holiday Event Clean Energy NH (CENH), the Granite State’s leading clean energy advocate and educator, has announced the winners of its annual awards. Read the full press release . Chris Skoglund to Join Clean Energy NH Skoglund has been a pivotal state official on energy policy for over a decade View Chris's bio . After more than a decade leading climate mitigation efforts as a state employee, Chris Skoglund will join Clean Energy NH as the new Director of Energy Transition. Read the full press release . Lawsuit Filed Challenging Decision Defunding NH Saves Municipalities, Housing Authorities and Efficiency Contractors Join Forces to Challenge PUC Decision Today Clean Energy New Hampshire and nine other energy efficiency advocates filed a lawsuit requesting an injunction that would stay an order issued by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission last month. The order would cut the funding of the popular NH Saves energy efficiency programs by more than 50 percent. The lawsuit documents can be found here . "The documents and testimony compiled in this lawsuit demonstrate that if not stayed, this order will result in irreparable harm to countless New Hampshire businesses," said Sam Evans-Brown Executive Director of Clean Energy NH, "We urge the Superior Court to act swiftly to provide these businesses with relief while the PUC order is reconsidered." ​ ​ View the updated EERS Legal Fight Page. Clean Energy NH, Local Communities and Local Contractors Sue to Block Cuts to Efficiency Programs Clean Energy New Hampshire, in conjunction with local efficiency contractors and others that will be harmed by a November 12th order from utility regulators, announced it will file a lawsuit in the New Hampshire Superior Court. ​ Read the full article Here. View the updated EERS Legal Fight Page . Clean Energy NH Announces New Deputy Director Stay Work Play NH Veteran Moves to Growing Clean Energy Organization View Beth's bio . ​ Clean Energy New Hampshire (CENH) is adding to its team with the appointment of Beth San Soucie as Deputy Director. San Soucie most recently served as the Director of Communications at Stay Work Play New Hampshire, a nonprofit dedicated to attracting and retaining more young people to New Hampshire. Read the full press release . Clean Energy NH Comments in Energy Storage Docket Read them here ! NEW Solar Report & NH Specific Factsheet Released NEW report shows small-scale solar produced wholesale energy market benefits of $1.1 billion for ALL New England ratepayers from 2014-2019. Read the report here and view the NH factsheet here How energy efficiency could be a powerful force for economic recovery July 2, 2020 Read it here! Understanding the FERC net metering petition June 10, 2019 Read it here! Clean Energy NH welcome new board members January 3, 2019 Read it here! Transportation Climate Initiative Draft MOU Released December 2019 Read it here! Clean Energy NH Statement on HB365 Upheld Veto September 18, 2019 Read it here! NH hosts world's first electric vehicle relay! September 16, 2019 Read about it here! Proposed Fitzwilliam solar array project unveiled to Public July 22, 2019 Read it here! Clean Energy NH Statement on HB365 Veto June 3, 2019 Read it here! Clean Energy NH Welcomes Two New Board of Directors Members April 22, 2019 Read it here! EnBW North America Joins Clean Energy NH, Signaling Emergence of the NH Offshore Wind Market March 13, 2019 Read it here! Sununu Requests State-Federal Offshore Wind Task Force NHPR, January 7, 2019 Read it here! NH's energy future is not a partisan issue NH Business Review, December 7, 2018 Read it here ! NH settlement moves 'cutting edge' utility BTM storage pilot forward Utility Dive, November 28, 2018 Read it here !

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    RESIDENTIAL SOLAR MEMBERS Granite State Solar Bow, NH Learn More Green Energy Options of Keene Keene, NH Learn More KW Management Nashua, NH Learn More Milhouse Enterprises Belmont, NH Learn More Norwich Solar Technologies White River Junction, VT Learn More NuWatt Energy Woburn, MA Learn More Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative Plymouth, NH Learn More Revision Energy Brentwood & Enfield, NH Learn More Solaflect Energy Norwich, VT Learn More South Pack Solar Peterborough, NH Learn More Sunrun Learn More SunDial Solar Chichester, NH Learn More SunFlower LLC Gilmanton, NH Learn More 7th Gen Solar Boscawen, NH Learn More

  • Net Energy Metering | Clean Energy NH

    Solar Net Energy Metering Helping The Granite State Go Solar Learn More Take Action Powering Savings, Empowering You Net Energy Metering (NEM) promotes cost savings, empowers customer choice, stimulates economic growth, and enhances environmental sustainability while contributing to a more reliable and resilient energy grid. This policy has been helping local people go solar in New Hampshire since 1998, and supports locally generated small-scale hydropower. ​ But now, the policy that supports local renewable energy is at risk of a rollback. Early next year, New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) will decide on how much those who generate local power should be compensated in Docket 22-060 . This decision could put solar out of reach for many Granite Staters, hurting both our economy and environment. Why Does NEM Matter? Learn a little more about how Net Energy Metering (NEM) works and what impact it has on helping to move the needle forward on clean energy adoption here in New Hampshire. Download Fact Sheet NEM Talking Points Learn More Sign-Up, Stay Informed Would you like to stay informed on all things Net Energy Metering policy and legislation in New Hampshire? Sign-up below. Subscribe Make Sure Your Voice is Heard! Contact NH regulators to let them know that NEM empowers us to take control of our energy costs, grow our local economy, and invest in a more sustainable future. Contact The NH PUC Take Action NEM In the News NEM 3.0: Local Renewables Lower Electric Rates for All Granite Staters Keep Reading In unexpected move, New Hampshire utilities voice support for solar net metering Keep Reading Time for a ‘live free’ Energy Policy Keep Reading What’s the value of rooftop solar panels? A new study is helping New Hampshire find out. Keep Reading

  • Community Power | Clean Energy NH

    COMMUNITY POWER BRINGING NEW HAMPSHIRE RESIDENTS AND BUSINESS OWNERS CLEANER ENERGY AT COMPETITIVE RATES WHAT IS COMMUNITY POWER? Under a Community Power program, a local government such as a city, town, or county, may procure electricity on behalf of its their residents and businesses on a competitive basis. Community Power programs enable economies of scale associated with bulk purchasing power to lower electricity costs for communities. Community Power programs democratize energy sector governance by enabling local communities to choose where their electricity comes from. By bypassing outdated regulations and legacy technologies, these programs can harness private-sector innovation to lower costs for customers and provide other energy services. ​ Electric distribution utilities (e.g., Eversource, Liberty Utilities, NH Electric Cooperative, and Unitil) continue to deliver electricity to customers via their transmission distribution systems. ​ Community Power is sometimes referred to as “ municipal aggregation ” or “ community choice aggregation .” WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? By aggregating purchasing power across a community, and by having greater flexibility in energy contracting than regulated utilities, Community Power programs can harness private sector innovation to lower costs for their customers. Community Power programs may choose to purchase power based on other attributes such as renewable sources. Community Power programs can also be a vehicle to construct local renewable energy projects to be the source of power for the program. HOW DOES A LOCAL GOVERNMENT FORM A COMMUNITY POWER PROGRAM? The first step for a local government to implement a Community Power program is for the local governing body – select board, town council, city council, or county commission – to form an electric aggregation committee to develop a Community Power Plan. Multiple towns, cities, or counties may group together to form committees to develop these plans. ​ Once the Community Power plan has been finalized it must be approved for implementation by the local government’s legislative body (e.g., town meeting vote, city council vote). NH COMMUNITY POWER PROVIDERS HOW DO I LEARN MORE ABOUT COMMUNITY POWER? View our downloadable PDF here or contact us at . ​ Municipal members with Clean Energy NH receive exclusive technical assistance on topics such as community power. Become a municipal member for the latest updates and information on community power, energy efficiency, funding opportunities, and more.

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    CONTACT US BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. TRANSFORMING THE CLEAN ENERGY ECONOMY. Success! Message received. Send Office & Mailing Address 125 N. State Street Concord, NH 03301 ​ Phone (603) 573-9926 ​ E-mail General - Or Visit Staff Directory

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    OUR MEMBERS Anchor 1 MEET OUR MEMBERS 90+ MEMBERS STRONG & GROWING View a complete list of our business members and organizational sponsors here ! ALL CROSS THE CLEAN ENERGY SECTOR Learn more about our business members and organizational sponsors by expertise below! BACKED BY STRONG FOUNDATION SUPPORT View the state and regional donors that help fund our work here ! EXPLORE OUR MEMBERS BY AREA OF EXPERTISE CLEAN ENERGY CLEAN TRANSPORTATION EDUCATIONAL HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDING LEGAL, FINANCIAL, & CONSULTING SERVICES MANUFACTURING & HIGH TECH MUNICIPAL MEMBERS ORGANIZATIONAL PARTNERS UTILITIES MEMBER CATEGORIES WHY JOIN THE COALITION? Granite State Solar is a proud member of CENH because we know that it takes resilience and people power to build a clean energy coalition as successful as the one we have in this great state. CENH walks the walk in protecting the interests of the renewable energy sector in supporting local businesses and keeping money in the pockets of Granite Staters. ALAN GAUNTT, CEO, GRANITE STATE SOLAR We are proud members of CENH and believe we can create a more successful energy future for NH...the importance of clean energy for our state is simple: it’s the best choice to ensure energy security, price stability and affordability, environmental protection and job growth in New Hampshire. JACK KENWORTHY HEAD OF DEVELOPMENT, WALDEN GREEN ENERGY BECOME A MEMBER Show your support by becoming a member and joining us in the fight to build a cleaner, greener Granite State! JOIN OUR COALITION

  • Efficiency | Clean Energy NH

    ENERGY EFFICIENCY THE LOWEST-COST ENERGY RESOURCE NH SAVES Provides tools, incentives, & tips to save energy ----> ENERGY STAR​ Efficient appliances & products & home improvement ----> ENERGY.GOV STATE & LOCAL SOLUTIONS CENTER Various initiatives & services ----> HOME ENERGY SCORE​ Compare the energy performance of your homes ----> CASE STUDIES Community case studies from successful EE projects ----> WEATHERIZATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM​ Program serving low-income households ----> ENERGY EFFICIENCY RESOURCE STANDARD (EERS)​ Sets statewide energy savings targets ----> BETTER BUILDINGS FINANCIAL NAVIGATOR​ Provides ways to finance EE projects ---->

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    JOIN US IN THE FIGHT FOR NEW HAMPSHIRE'S CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE. GET INFORMED Whether you are concerned about climate change, affordable energy, or energy security, being part of the clean energy community in New Hampshire means you are taking part in our push for a better future. ​ Take that first step now. Follow us on social media and sign-up for our monthly newsletter to receive the latest insights, news, and updates from our ever-growing coalition of clean energy experts. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER Never miss the latest news, action alerts, recommended reading, events, and more. SUBSCRIBE GET INVOLVED What Our Members Say "Energy is a complicated issue. Clean Energy NH is doing an amazing job trying to educate everybody - from legislators in Concord to municipalities, homeowners associations, and our cities and towns. And I think the only way that this is going to be successful is if we're all working on this as a group, as a team, and working on it together. Clean Energy NH pulls everybody together and really does look at this as a system. I'm proud to support Clean Energy NH." Steve Walker, Founder IMBY Energy JOIN OUR COALITION By joining Clean Energy New Hampshire as an individual member, you lend your support to the most effective, broad-based, locally-focused group of clean energy advocates in the Granite State. Together we can make bold changes in our state to advance the adoption of clean energy policies and practices. BECOME A MEMBER HELP FUND OUR FUTURE: Young Professionals in Energy (YPiE) is our commitment to help develop the next generation of clean energy leaders in New Hampshire. Can you help by making a donation today? MAKE A DONATION EXPLORE MORE RESOURCES We've worked with our trusted clean energy partners to identify the best resources to help you make better energy decisions for you and your household. We hope you will take some time to explore these resources, covering topics including: Electric Vehicles Solar Energy Energy Efficiency EXPLORE RESOURCES OUR MEMBERS INCLUDE: To see a full list our members, visit:

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    OUR BUSINESS MEMBERS Clean Energy Clean Transportation Educational Institution Clean Energy Clean Transportation Educational Institution High Performance Building Legal, Financial and Consulting Services Manufacturing & High Tech Municipal Members Organizaing Partners Utilities High Performance Building Legal, Financial and Consulting Services Manufacturing & High Tech Municipal Members Organizaing Partners Sam Evans-Brown Executive Director Contact & Bio Beth San Soucie Deputy Director Contact & Bio Chris Skoglund Director of Energy Transition Contact & Bio Nick Paul Director of Legislative Affairs Contact & Bio BOARD OF DIRECTORS JINJUE ALLEN Enel North America Inc. TOM BURACK Sheehan Phinney; Chair WILLIAM CHURCH ​White Mountain Science Inc. DANIEL CLAPP ReVision Energy; Secr etary HON. MARTHA FULLER CLARK MIKE FRADETTE Amazon BART FROMUTH Freedom Energ y Logistics JULIA GRIFFIN GEORGE HANSEL City of Keene MARY LOU KRAMBEER MLK & Company JAY MCFARLAND Hampton Ford-Hyundai MADELEINE MINEAU Essex Hydro; Vice Chair TOM ROONEY TRC Companies; Treasurer APRIL SALAS Irving Institute, Dartmouth College MEGHAN SEMIAO Longroad Energy CHRIS STEWART SHERRIE TREFRY VHB DAVID WORTHEN Worthen Industries Utilities KATRIN KASPER ENERGY CIRCUIT RIDER (SEACOAST REGION) BIO Katrin joined Clean Energy NH in February of 2023. She has a Bachelors of Science in Wildlife Management from UNH. She grew up in the Upper Valley but found her home on the Seacoast. She is passionate about transitioning to clean, efficient, affordable energy that we can rely on. She is excited to assist the Seacoast in taking advantage of all the incredible resources that are available to aid in that transition. Katrin can be found enjoying this lovely planet by gardening, bird watching, or hiking in her free time. CONTACT Katrin Bio

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    HYDRO GRANITE STATE HYDRO ASSOCIATION​ Includes information on how hydropower works, benefits, & members ----> LOW IMPACT HYDRO INSTITUTE​ Ecology, culture, policy, & economic resources ----> MICRO HYDRO​ Resources & news on microhydro systems ----> COMMUNITY HYDRO Offers affordable, low-head hydropower generation equipment ---->

  • Wind | Clean Energy NH

    WIND RESOURCES LATEST ON GULF OF MAINE OFFSHORE WIND TASK FORCE MA CLEAN ENERGY CENTER Wind energy research, analyses, & studies ----> WIND TURBINE HEALTH IMPACT STUDY​ Report of independent expert panel on human health ----> WIND-WILDLIFE IMPACTS DATABASE ​ Browseable collection covering impacts on wildlife ----> WIND ENERGY STUDY ON PROPERTY VALUES​ Expert report revealing no adverse effects ----> NE WIND INTEGRATION STUDY​ To identify & address potential operating issues from large wind ----> WIND ENERGY FOR A CLEANER AMERICA​ Details the benefits of wind energy for our health & environment ----> NORTHEAST WIND RESOURCE CENTER​ Education, webinars, & events on onshore & offshore wind ----> DOE'S WIND EXCHANGE​ Maps, incentives, fact sheets, and more ----> AMERICAN WIND ENERGY ASSOCIATION​ News, maps, careers, industry info, events, conferences, & more ----> WIND ENERGY ZONING & PERMITTING​ Toolkit including case studies & best practices ----> NREL​ Wind research section of the National Renewable Energy Lab ----> BOEM Offshore wind section of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management ---->

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