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  • Clean Energy NH

    LEADING THE CHARGE FOR A CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE Educating concerned residents, organizations, and community leaders. Advocating for New Hampshire's clean energy transition. DRIVING A CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE Working toward a clean energy future here in New Hampshire is a big responsibility, and far too large for one person or organization to tackle alone. So we've built a coalition of clean energy champions, made up of local communities and residents, elected officials and leaders, and organizations committed to a more sustainable future, who are on the front line building a cleaner, greener future right here in the granite state. BUILDING ENERGY POLICY CONSENSUS To make the successful transition to clean energy, we need structural solutions. The best way to do that is to work with our local elected officials, because they have the power to make New Hampshire a leader in responsibly developed clean energy policy. And as a watchdog at the state agency that regulates essential utility services, the legislature, and around the state, Clean Energy NH has been critical in creating and defending the state's foundational policies that encourage developing an educated workforce, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. WILL YOU HELP US MAKE THE CLEAN ENERGY TRANSITION? BE PART OF NEW HAMPSHIRE'S LEADING CLEAN ENERGY ADVOCATE "Energy is a complicated issue. Clean Energy NH is doing an amazing job trying to educate everybody - from legislators in Concord to municipalities, homeowners associations, and our cities and towns. And I think the only way that this is going to be successful is if we're all working on this as a group, as a team, and working on it together. Clean Energy NH pulls everybody together and really does look at this as a system. I'm proud to support Clean Energy NH." - Steve Walker, IMBY Energy ​ SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER Never miss the latest news, action alerts, recommended reading, events, and more. SUBSCRIBE BECOME A MEMBER Show your support by becoming a member and joining us in the fight to build a cleaner, greener Granite State! MEMBERSHIP JOIN US AT AN UPCOMING EVENT 2023 CENH Summer Cruise Jun 16, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM Sunapee Cruises, 1 Lake Ave, Sunapee, NH 03782, USA All aboard for the 2023 Clean Energy NH Summer Cruise! Register CLEAN ENERGY INSIGHTS & UPDATES annali8 Jan 12 5 min YPiE Spotlight: Meet Matthew Doubleday Name: Matthew Doubleday Title: Director of Interconnection Employer: ReWild Renewables City/Town of Residence: Portsmouth, NH Why did you... annali8 Jan 12 3 min Resolutions to Save Money and Make the World Safer As we start the New Year, trying to put the Pandemic and its disruptions behind us, we’re faced with Putin’s war fueling inflation. The... annali8 Jan 11 2 min Employee Q&A: Meet Anna Li What interested you in working at Clean Energy NH? I was in a transitional period in my life and a former colleague of mine referred me... WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS!

  • News & Media | Clean Energy NH

    NEWS & MEDIA Clean Energy NH Adds Six New Board Members Clean Energy NH, the state’s leading advocate for a zero carbon energy system, is pleased to announce that the following individuals have joined its board of directors. Read the full article. In N.H., frustrations and finger-pointing as Dems try again on climate legislation For the fourth year in a row, Democratic lawmakers and their allies in New Hampshire will push for the state to join the rest of New England in codifying state-level greenhouse gas reduction goals. Read the full article. Public Utilities Commission issues report on energy efficiency ahead of next plan deadline New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commission released a report earlier this month on energy efficiency, detailing their findings from an investigation launched in August assessing how those programs work. Read the full article. New England grapples with sky-high electricity rates as Ukraine war squeezes gas supply New Englanders are contending with some of the highest electricity rates in the country this winter as they weather the transatlantic ripple effects of a global gas crunch. Residents of New England’s six states have thus far enjoyed a relatively mild winter without rolling blackouts. Read the full article. From Climate Exhortation to Climate Execution There are about a hundred and forty million homes in the United States. Two-thirds, or about eighty-five million, of them are detached single-family houses; the rest are apartment units or trailer homes. Read the full article. Evans-Brown: Yes, your electric bill just went crazy. Here’s what you can do about it On Dec. 1, electric supply rates for Unitil customers went from 17.8 cents per kwh to 33.7 cents. When you get your next bill, it will be somewhere between $85 and $100 higher than your last one. Read the full article. New Hampshire’s latest energy strategy: blame other states for rising costs New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu’s administration is taking aim at the five other New England states, blaming their investments in renewable energy for higher electricity costs regionwide. Read the full article. Opinion: Don’t get left behind, New Hampshire In 2019, author and investor Ramez Naam opined that the world had entered the “Third Phase of Clean Energy .” He concluded, based on large volumes of data, that a threshold had been crossed and it was now cheaper to build new renewable energy resources than to operate existing fossil fuel resources. Read the full release. State regulators approve Eversource’s electric vehicle infrastructure plan A plan from Eversource to spend about $2 million helping to build out electric vehicle charging infrastructure in New Hampshire was approved by the Public Utilities Commission late Monday. Read the full article. Community Power Rules Finalized: Regulators Open the Door to Revolutionary Community Electricity Programs The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission finalized the long-awaited rules which will govern New Hampshire’s community power aggregation program. The creation of this program will help to realize the potential of market competition in New Hampshire’s electricity sector which began more than two decades ago, in 1996. Read the full press release. Ride and Drive Expo Showcases Latest in EV Market Unitil Corporation, a provider of natural gas and electricity to customers in New England, teamed up with Clean Energy NH for an electric vehicle Ride and Drive Expo last weekend that attracted dozens of EV enthusiasts and put some curiosity seekers behind the wheel for the first time. Read the full press release. NH takes a step towards being serious about EV's - But the PUC dodges a decision to incentivize public charging infrastructure Via The NH Business Review By: Sam Evans-Brown Every time someone with an electric vehicle plugs it in and charges it overnight, they are saving money for their friends, neighbors and every other customer of their electric utility. Every Time. Don't believe me? Here's how it works. Read the full press release. North Country Communities Vote For Clean Energy Throughout the course of the past week, five Coos County communities approved funding for solar projects which combined will result in over a half a million dollars in energy savings over their lifetimes and leverage as much as $340 thousand dollars in grant support. Read the full press release. Clean Energy NH and Conservation Law Foundation Appeal PUC Efficiency Decision to the NH Supreme Court Today, in collaboration with the Conservation Law Foundation, Clean Energy NH filed an appeal challenging the Public Utilities Commission’s decision to drastically cut the state’s energy efficiency programs, which are delivered under the banner of NH Saves. The PUC struck a dramatic blow to NH Saves in a draconian order issued on November 12 of last year, and have refused to reconsider their decision. Read the full press release , or read the appeal. Clean Energy NH Announces New Board of Directors and Slate of Officers Clean Energy NH (CENH), a nonprofit organization advocating on behalf of clean energy policies and technologies to build a stronger economic future in New Hampshire, announces the appointment of five new members to its Board of Directors and its 2022 slate of officers. Read the full press release . Clean Energy Champions Recognized at Annual Member Holiday Event Clean Energy NH (CENH), the Granite State’s leading clean energy advocate and educator, has announced the winners of its annual awards. Read the full press release . Chris Skoglund to Join Clean Energy NH Skoglund has been a pivotal state official on energy policy for over a decade View Chris's bio . After more than a decade leading climate mitigation efforts as a state employee, Chris Skoglund will join Clean Energy NH as the new Director of Energy Transition. Read the full press release . Lawsuit Filed Challenging Decision Defunding NH Saves Municipalities, Housing Authorities and Efficiency Contractors Join Forces to Challenge PUC Decision Today Clean Energy New Hampshire and nine other energy efficiency advocates filed a lawsuit requesting an injunction that would stay an order issued by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission last month. The order would cut the funding of the popular NH Saves energy efficiency programs by more than 50 percent. The lawsuit documents can be found here . "The documents and testimony compiled in this lawsuit demonstrate that if not stayed, this order will result in irreparable harm to countless New Hampshire businesses," said Sam Evans-Brown Executive Director of Clean Energy NH, "We urge the Superior Court to act swiftly to provide these businesses with relief while the PUC order is reconsidered." ​ ​ View the updated EERS Legal Fight Page. Clean Energy NH, Local Communities and Local Contractors Sue to Block Cuts to Efficiency Programs Clean Energy New Hampshire, in conjunction with local efficiency contractors and others that will be harmed by a November 12th order from utility regulators, announced it will file a lawsuit in the New Hampshire Superior Court. ​ Read the full article Here. View the updated EERS Legal Fight Page . Clean Energy NH Announces New Deputy Director Stay Work Play NH Veteran Moves to Growing Clean Energy Organization View Beth's bio . ​ Clean Energy New Hampshire (CENH) is adding to its team with the appointment of Beth San Soucie as Deputy Director. San Soucie most recently served as the Director of Communications at Stay Work Play New Hampshire, a nonprofit dedicated to attracting and retaining more young people to New Hampshire. Read the full press release . Clean Energy NH Comments in Energy Storage Docket Read them here ! NEW Solar Report & NH Specific Factsheet Released NEW report shows small-scale solar produced wholesale energy market benefits of $1.1 billion for ALL New England ratepayers from 2014-2019. Read the report here and view the NH factsheet here How energy efficiency could be a powerful force for economic recovery July 2, 2020 Read it here! Understanding the FERC net metering petition June 10, 2019 Read it here! Clean Energy NH welcome new board members January 3, 2019 Read it here! Transportation Climate Initiative Draft MOU Released December 2019 Read it here! Clean Energy NH Statement on HB365 Upheld Veto September 18, 2019 Read it here! NH hosts world's first electric vehicle relay! September 16, 2019 Read about it here! Proposed Fitzwilliam solar array project unveiled to Public July 22, 2019 Read it here! Clean Energy NH Statement on HB365 Veto June 3, 2019 Read it here! Clean Energy NH Welcomes Two New Board of Directors Members April 22, 2019 Read it here! EnBW North America Joins Clean Energy NH, Signaling Emergence of the NH Offshore Wind Market March 13, 2019 Read it here! Sununu Requests State-Federal Offshore Wind Task Force NHPR, January 7, 2019 Read it here! NH's energy future is not a partisan issue NH Business Review, December 7, 2018 Read it here ! NH settlement moves 'cutting edge' utility BTM storage pilot forward Utility Dive, November 28, 2018 Read it here !

  • Resources For Organizations | Clean Energy NH

    Clean Energy Resources For Organizations ORGANIZATIONS Granite State Hydropower Association (GSHA) is a non-profit trade association for the small-scale independent hydropower industry in New Hampshire. Members of GSHA own, operate and manage 49 hydroelectric facilities located in 36 towns and cities throughout the state, totaling 54.9 megawatts. ​ Link: New Hampshire's statewide chamber of commerce, promoting a healthy climate for job creation and a strong New Hampshire economy. ​ Link: NH Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is the leading resource for business advising and education for small businesses in the Granite State. ​ Link: New Hampshire's local chapter of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) whose members include professionals dedicated to advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world. ​ Link: New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) convenes, inspires and supports businesses and their community stakeholders to build a more sustainable and prosperous state for all. ​ Link: NH Saves is resource provided by a local coalition of energy companies and providers to help make homes, businesses and towns more sustainable and more comfortable places to live and work, both now and in the future. ​ Link: EDUCATION & TRAINING CCSNH is a public system of higher education consisting of seven colleges located across NH. All colleges in CCSNH are accredited by the New England Commission on Higher Education, the same entity that accredits 4-year colleges and universities in New Hampshire. ​ Link: WORKFORCE The Community College System of NH (CCSNH) is leading efforts to enhance Registered Apprenticeship opportunities. These grants support the development of new Registered Apprenticeship opportunities, provides funding for related instruction at NH’s community colleges, and supports outreach to employers who wish to expand work-based learning at their sites. ​ Link: Stay Work Play provides a job board and career opportunities for residents in and /or looking to move to New Hampshire. ​ Link: FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES The New Hampshire Department of Energy provides funding for various clean energy initiatives throughout the year. Check back regularly. ​ Link: Transportation excellence in New Hampshire is fundamental to the state's sustainable economic development and land use, enhancing the environment, and preserving the unique character and quality of life. ​ Link: Securing funding is critical to the success of efforts to implement alternative fuels, advanced vehicle technologies, and fuel-saving strategies. Funding opportunities for Clean Cities coalition projects are available from many sources inside and outside the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). ​ Link: EERE’s mission is to accelerate the research, development, demonstration, and deployment of technologies and solutions to equitably transition America to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy-wide by no later than 2050, and ensure the clean energy economy benefits all Americans. ​ Link: The US Department of Agriculture runs the Rural Energy for America Program, focused on renewable energy systems and providing energy efficiency improvement guaranteed loans & grants. ​ Link: The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission has frequent RFPs for grants and government contracts related to clean and sustainable energy. Check back regularly. ​ Link: The New Hampshire Community Development Finanace Authority (CDFA) has frequent RFPs for grants related to clean and sustainable energy. Check back regularly. ​ Link: Can't Find Quite What You're Looking For? CONTACT US

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  • YPiE Spotlight: Meet Matthew Doubleday

    Name: Matthew Doubleday Title: Director of Interconnection Employer: ReWild Renewables City/Town of Residence: Portsmouth, NH Why did you decide to work in the clean energy industry? I decided to work in the renewable energy field as I am driven by the threats of climate change and the environmental damage done by burning fossil fuels to power our lives. I have a strong desire to contribute to the growth of renewable energy to replace fossil fuel generation and found that working with this team was the best way to contribute to the growth of solar in the Northeast. What interested you in working at your current employer? I've worked with part of this current team for over 8 years and initially I was interested by the type of projects the company was working on, the entrepreneurial nature of the organization, and the sense of camaraderie that existed within the team. While the type of projects has changed over time, all of this otherwise still provides the same level of interest and excitement to me today. Describe the work you do in more detail. My main responsibility is to bring our projects through the utility interconnection process as quickly and cost-effectively as possible so they can reach commercial operation on schedule. We have projects in many stages of the interconnection process and what the project needs each day or week depends on its current stage and where it may be going next. Some projects are in the pre-application phase and we attempt to understand the likelihood of a viable interconnection based on t