We build bipartisan coalitions of energy stakeholders to support favorable policies and practices that strengthen NH’s clean energy industry. We’re a proven, trusted, local organization that uses fact-based data to inform and educate NH legislators and their staff on driving creative alternatives for energy policies and programs. We represent our members at the State House and the Public Utilities Commission and provide resources for policymakers, businesses, local energy committees, municipal staff, and individuals.



We can't do it alone.  It is important that you contact your elected officials to let them know legislation that supports clean energy is vital to NH's well being. The NH legislature and legislative process is available to each and every citizen and business. The legislative session runs through January through June of each year, with some study committees meeting in the summer and fall.


Most meetings of the House Science, Technology, and Energy Committee are held in the Legislative Office Building in Concord (33 North State Street) while most meetings of the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee are in the State House (107 North Main Street).


The public can attend any meeting, but can only speak at the public hearing that begins the process. The public can also observe a committee's work sessions and the executive sessions (when voting on bills occurs) but cannot speak unless questioned. Utilize the following resources and become a member to show your support for clean energy!

Search by town, district, or county to find your elected representatives and view their profile and contact information.

Access the list of representatives on the 2019 House Science, Technology, and Energy Committee.

Access the list of Senators on the 2019 Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee.

The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC) maintains information on state incentives for renewable energy systems, applications for net metering, and for setting up energy systems.

View our updates on the legislative session and regulatory proceedings at the PUC. Sign-up to receive direct updates through our newsletter here, or become a member to receive access to our policy calls.

Explore the Granite State legislative process for an overview of the path bills take through public hearings, executive sessions, crossover, voting, and more! This includes opportunities for public involvement.

Learn how to read a bill status page and no longer be stumped by legislative acronyms with this helpful resource.