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To lead New Hampshire’s clean energy transition.


By 2050, New Hampshire’s
energy system is decarbonized.

Guiding Principles

  1. We are focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and beneficial electrification.

  2. Energy rates and costs must be affordable for all.

  3. The energy system must distribute economic and environmental burdens fairly.

  4. The energy system must be secure, resilient, and reliable.

How We Work

As the go-to resource on clean energy technologies and policies, we will utilize three complementary strategies at the local, state, regional and national levels to advance clean energy in NH:

  1. Policy Advocacy & Leadership – CENH will provide reliable expert advocacy before the state’s legislature and Public Utilities Commission, as well as before committees and boards where critical decisions are made.

  2. Education, Outreach, Technical Support – CENH will provide technical assistance and education that is accessible to all. 

  3. Network Engagement & Coordination – CENH will actively engage with key NH stakeholders across all sectors to build consensus and advance priorities.


Clean Energy NH was originally the "NH Sustainable Energy Association". The organization was founded in 2003 by a small group of homeowners and renewable energy enthusiasts interested in networking and learning about sustainable building and residential renewable energy applications. The organization evolved to become a membership-based non-profit in 2008.


Solar home tour during the Energize360 campaign on the NH Seacoast

2023 Board Retreat.jpg

CENH Board and Staff at our 2023 Board Retreat

In 2019, we rebranded and changed our name to "Clean Energy NH". As our influence and activities have expanded to include electric vehicles, energy storage, economic development, infrastructure, and beyond, our new name positions the organization to continue our track record of success with renewed vigor and a revised mission.

Clean Energy NH’s membership now includes hundreds of individuals, businesses, and municipalities, who all turn to us as a trusted local expert in energy policies. CENH staff provide education and advice that integrates expert knowledge on state-level energy policies and programs with complete visibility into how various federal programs are deployed at the local level. We also serve as a hub for education and advocacy regarding the latest happenings at the legislative and executive branches of NH Government.


We build relationships among people and organizations using a fact-based approach that offers objective, balanced, and practical insights for transforming NH's clean energy economy and sustaining its citizens’ way of life. We educate audiences on all matters pertaining to generating, storing, and efficiently using clean energy and to accelerate technology and opportunities that provide a more prosperous, low emission future.

solar array on shelbourne town hall.jpg

A solar array on the Shelburne Town Hall, a project which was supported by our North Country Circuit Rider.


CENH with Senator Hassan.jpg

Clean Energy NH staff with Senator Maggie Hassan
at an event in Claremont

Organizing Partners 2023 NH Energy Week.jpg

The organizing partners of the 2023 NH Energy Week. photo credit: Rooted In Light Media

  • For over a decade, we have defended New Hampshire’s foundational clean energy policies, the Renewable Energy Fund, the Renewable Portfolio Standard and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

  • We led in the elimination of the 100 MW cap on net-metered solar power, and the development of a fair “net-metering 2.0” tariff

  • We were instrumental in overturning the repeal of the state’s efficiency program, NH Saves

  • We led the passage of the law that allows municipalities to benefit from net metering up to 5 MW

  • We have been crucial in assisting state agencies submit grant applications that will bring tens of millions of federal dollars to NH from the Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

  • We led the passage of a law that created a program that will build 6 MW of low-income community solar arrays every year in NH. 

  • We were instrumental in the creation of NH’s Community Power Aggregation program, which lowers electric rates and allows consumers to choose green power


We provide services and resources to support the Granite State’s clean energy & tech industries, policymakers, and communities. Some of our highlighted programming and events include:

  • Our Energy Circuit Riders provide support to municipal governments in pursuing clean energy investments

  • Founding & management of Drive Electric NH

  • Hosting a high quality annual calendar of educational and networking events, the annual Local Energy Solutions Conference for annual NH Energy Week

  • Host of topical workshops and forums on topics including policy, electric rates, solar siting, energy storage, grid modernization, and more


Clean Energy NH & Eversource staff during the 2019 Electric Vehicle relay

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