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We represent the industry, provide business opportunities, attract new industries, and inspire financial investments in NH

Our industry development work reaches far & wide, encompassing:

16 sectors including renewable generation, efficiency, legal, financial, consulting, technology, & beyond

135 active business members from across NH & the region

NH's growth & share of a global $5 trillion industry by 2020

Average annual clean tech wage is 50% higher than the state average

We connect businesses that share our vision through forums, conferences, and events and communications aimed at staying informed of policy initiatives, current legislation, and key insights to drive action and decision making.

Our members believe NH needs energy policies and practices that look to the future and keep our state competitive throughout the New England region and beyond (from both an economic and environmental perspective).



Cleantech is a general term applied to innovative technologies, services, and products that enhance environmental performance in the energy, construction, transportation, utility, and waste industries, mostly through applications that focus on energy. Read our 2014 Market Report and our 2018 Clean Energy Employment Report to learn more.


To make the Granite State a thriving market & place to do business for clean energy & clean tech. Learn more about business memberships here and become a member here

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