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Member Spotlight: Granite State Solar

In challenging times when we’re encouraged to stay inside, the bright sunshine of a New England spring day is even more welcome and appreciated. At Clean Energy NH, we’re big fans of utilizing natural, renewable sources of energy including the sun’s powerful rays; and we need look no further for experts of solar energy than our May 2020 Member Spotlight company, Granite State Solar.

Thrice voted Best of Business in the solar energy category, Granite State Solar is well known for their professionalism and commitment to consumer experience. Granite State Solar offers custom solar panel system design and installation featuring leading-edge products hand-selected to best meet the needs of their customers. The company was founded in 2008.

Based in Bow, New Hampshire, Granite State Solar proudly performs all of their solar work by their 20 employees including certified technicians, electricians, and engineers. Since 2015, Granite State Solar has installed approximately 8,000kw and more than 25,000 solar panels in 169 communities across the state. That means there are Granite State Solar installations in nearly three-quarters of all communities across New Hampshire! If you live in Derry, you may have seen their installation of 10 solar trackers along the side of a hill that help save the town money by producing local, clean energy. Granite State Solar also installed 144 panels for the town of Webster, and small commercial systems for Berube Trucking in Bow and Argo Cycles in Raymond.

If you’ve been considering solar for your home or business, Granite State Solar can help evaluate your property to identify the best location using state of the art solar exposure technology and an advanced program for roof measurements with no climbing or yardsticks necessary! A solar advisor can also discuss your current and future energy needs and help you determine which products are best for your unique situation. You can appreciate this educational visit and rest assured you’ll never be pressured or expected to make a quick decision.

Granite State Solar shared some common solar myths with us and the facts to help anyone considering solar better understand the technology and their options. Myth #1: Solar is too expensive. Yes, solar is an investment, but for many homeowners, it’s not out of reach. In fact, a recent study out of Berkeley found nearly half of solar adopters in 2018 had a household income of under $100,000. As with many technologies, the price for being an early adopter was high, but Granite State Solar has witnessed costs fall significantly as panels and inverters improve. Myth #2: solar works when there’s a power outage. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case without a battery backup. A grid-tied system without a battery backup only works when grid power is present. The system turns off when the grid goes down to prevent energy from your panels going back onto the grid. This is a safety measure to protect utility line service technicians working to resolve outages. However, Granite State Solar is thrilled to offer batteries that can provide a supply of back-up energy.

Learn more about Granite State Solar online at their website:

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