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Member Spotlight: Energy LB

Generating energy in a clean way is important, and using that clean energy efficiently is the cornerstone piece of the puzzle.

When thinking about sustainable, clean energy, it is easy to focus on the production of the energy itself. Our February Clean Energy NH member spotlight, Energy LB, is tackling the other side of the equation: efficiency and resource optimization.

Energy LB is an engineering company focused on energy efficiency and power/resource optimization technologies in commercial and industrial facilities. Energy LB designs comprehensive engineered solutions using leading edge technologies to increase the productive output of existing equipment and resources. Their solutions help facilities reduce emissions, minimize repairs, extend equipment life, and increase production. All of which reduce cost and increase operational profitability.

Based in Nashua, NH, Energy LB has been working in the New England area since 2014. Projects have ranged across states including New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts and with varying degrees of complexity, from the energy consumption perspective. Energy LB will assess and analyze the performance data and characteristics of multiple sub-systems including heating, cooling & chilling systems and associated water infrastructure, electric distribution networks and attached loads, steam/boiler systems, lighting and controls, and more, all with the ultimate goal to maximize efficiency and operations.

In 2021, Energy LB hopes to diversify their portfolio of completed projects to larger industrial facilities and multi-faceted commercial/industrial and mixed use facilities. Their goal is to continue providing energy efficiency and optimization services to a growing customer base that is interested in power quality, efficiency, consistency and reliability. Lastly, and towards these ends, Energy LB is actively engaged in the development and deployment of data science techniques - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things - leading to better and more rapid analysis of energy consumption, demand patterns, and facility power modeling. In parallel, leveraging data taken from a customer facility, including in real time, and the models they produce can lead to innovative and powerful new solutions and techniques of efficiency and reduction.

Energy management and optimization is a vital and integral element of the transformation of industry and commerce at every level toward seamless connectivity, data sharing, and Industry 4.0 ” says Energy LB’s Laurence Bleicher.

An example is the collaboration of Energy LB with The Morrison Communities in Whitefield, NH. An assisted living and skilled nursing community of up to 80 residents, Energy LB worked with Morrison to install high efficiency LED lighting in 2019. This past winter there were upgrades to the water and heating systems. While to date the measurement and verification is not yet complete, these upgrades will improve the burn efficiency of the fuel oil used for heating by 8-12%. The solution set also included High Performance water filtration and conditioning that will save an estimated additional ~10+% in fuel use. Continuing efforts are being considered and scoped out to address other sub-systems in need of upgrades, and renewable possibilities, all with energy profile in mind.

Another notable project was completed at XMA Corporation in Manchester, NH, manufacturers of RF and Microwave components for the aerospace, telecom, medical tech, and other industries. XMA presented unique challenges with respect to implementing LED technology and controls , due to very specific technical requirements critical to their production process, and work areas.

Energy LB collaborated with XMA to identify and deploy a suitable and successful illumination scheme. HVAC measures were put in place to reduce the duty cycle, as well as wear, on the cooling units. Further areas for improvement in this area were identified, with recommendations for additional steps and energy reduction measures.

Currently, several engagements in diverse and dynamic industrial facilities are underway, where power quality and reliability are central issues. They position themselves as ongoing partners and resources to their customers, providing expertise and practical solutions as businesses evolve.

They are eager to engage with customers and facilities all across NH and New England who are looking at reducing consumption costs to reach financial targets, while creating a smarter and leaner energy profile, to reach sustainability objectives, hand in hand. Operational energy optimization. Good for business. Good for the planet.

Learn more about Energy LB and connect with them to explore how to increase your efficiency by visiting!

ENERGY LB RESOURCES LLC 20A Northwest Blvd Box 279 Nashua, NH 03063 603-275-7238


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