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Save 30% on your heating bill and reduce your carbon footprint 50%!

Check out our map of installed modern wood heating systems!

Audubon McLane Center Wood Pellet Holder

Wood for warmth embodies New Hampshire Audubon’s commitment to caring for the climate and sustaining forest management that supports diverse habitat.


Homeowners chose Automated Wood Heat for its reliability, convenience, and benefits to the climate and their community.

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1 Forest Landowners whose trees become p

Private landowners are the passionate stewards of our forested landscape. By switching to Automated Wood Heat, you can help secure a viable economic future for family-owned forests.


Switching from oil to Automated Wood Heat brings back meaningful jobs to our communities, cares for our climate, and helps maintain our forested landscape.

Locally Sourced Wood for Sustainable Hea


In 2018, Clean Energy NH became a supporter of the Feel Good Heat initiative. Feel Good Heat is a collaborative effort by environmental and community development non-profits, wood pellet producers, and Automated Wood Heat systems distributors across New England and New York. Together, we’re growing energy independence here at home, creating local jobs and supporting our forested landscape.


Clean Energy NH assumed stewardship of the established NH Wood Energy Council in 2017. The Council serves to provide professional guidance and technical assistance to commercial entities on conversions to modern wood heating systems. 


This team of people includes individuals, organizations, NH businesses, industry associations and non-profits interested in the sustainable use of forest resources, development of renewable energy alternatives, from regional and community agencies sustaining local economies and meeting social needs, and from State and Federal agencies interested in maintaining and expanding the economic benefits from the state’s forest resources.


View Clean Energy NH's extensive resource database on modern biomass heating here! Connect with our biomass business members here!

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