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    SPONSORSHIP Become a member! Are our top-contributing members who go above and beyond to support clean energy and the organization OUR SPONSORS JOIN TODAY SPONSORS GAIN EXCLUSIVE EXPOSURE & BENEFITS Clean Energy NH offers sponsorship opportunities to our members who seek to increase their support for clean energy & clean tech beyond membership. Sponsors receive exclusive benefits throughout the year and contribute directly to the organization's success. To discuss sponsorship opportunities for 2022, please contact us !

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    RESIDENTIAL SOLAR MEMBERS Granite State Solar Bow, NH Learn More Green Energy Options of Keene Keene, NH Learn More KW Management Nashua, NH Learn More Milhouse Enterprises Belmont, NH Learn More Norwich Solar Technologies White River Junction, VT Learn More NuWatt Energy Woburn, MA Learn More Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative Plymouth, NH Learn More Revision Energy Brentwood & Enfield, NH Learn More Solaflect Energy Norwich, VT Learn More South Pack Solar Peterborough, NH Learn More Sunrun Learn More SunDial Solar Chichester, NH Learn More SunFlower LLC Gilmanton, NH Learn More 7th Gen Solar Boscawen, NH Learn More

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    CONTACT US BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. TRANSFORMING THE CLEAN ENERGY ECONOMY. Success! Message received. Send Office & Mailing Address 14 Dixon Avenue, Suite 202 Concord, NH 03301 ​ Phone (603) 573-9926 ​ E-mail General - Or See Staff Directory

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    NEWSLETTER We give the clean energy industry a voice. LISTEN IN. Never miss the latest news, action alerts, recommended reading, event announcements, and more. Request to receive our monthly newsletter using this form. ​ Want special access to policy alerts, event discounts, and member-only content? Become a member today!

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    ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERS & PARTNERS Granite State Hydropower Association Learn More Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce Dover, NH Learn More Northeast Clean Energy Council Boston, MA Learn More Granite Outdoor Alliance Conway, NH Learn More NH Businesses for Social Responsibility Concord, NH Learn More NH Community Development Finance Authority Concord, NH Learn More NH Tech Alliance Manchester, NH Learn More New England Geothermal Professional Association Learn More Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative Plymouth, NH Learn More Post Landfill Action Network (PLAN) Dover, NH Learn More Quebec Delegation in Boston Learn More Ski NH Conway, NH Learn More

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    ENERGY SAVINGS Energy prices are soaring and winter is coming. Whether you rent or own a home, or are a business owner, everyone is looking for ways in which to lower energy costs and save money this season. Take control of your energy usage with dozens of energy-saving ideas, tips and how-tos. Follow along the clickable game board and explore the information, resources and FAQs listed below. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GET HELP: CONTACT YOUR LOCAL UTILITY APPLY FOR AID THROUGH YOUR COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY If you need help paying your electric or fuel bills or making your home snug for the winter, contact your local Community Action Agency (CAA) to apply for help. You must be a resident of New Hampshire and meet income eligibility requirements. With a backlog of applications, don't delay. Click here for a list of CAA phone numbers. The NH Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LiHEAP) provides economic aid for home heating costs for qualified renters and homeowners. if you or a family member qualify for SNAP, SSI or TANF, you are automatically eligible. Others must meet income eligibility requirements. ​ Under the Energy Assistance Program (EAP) income-eligible customers of Eversource, Liberty, Unitil or the NH Electric Co-op can qualify for a 12-month discount on their monthly electric bill. Funds are limited, but successful applicants can get 8 - 76% off their bills. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Take control of your energy consumption for free by simply changing some of your habits. Check out our 31 Day Energy Challenge , by visiting our Twitter and Instagram channels, to get inspired for how to lower your energy bills. ​ Share your own favorite energy savings tips on social media or email us at so we can share them with others. ​ Interested in sharing this information with your friends, family or colleagues? Download a printable version of our game board that includes more information for the 31 Day Energy Challenge. TIPS & TRICKS: PARTICIPATE IN THE FREE ENERGY CHALLENGE GET HANDY: WEATHERIZATION AUDITS AND ASSISTANCE Weatherization boosts your home's energy efficiency, safety, and comfort by repairing or improving its outside layer (the shell). It can include fixing broken doors and windows, patching small holes in the walls or roof, adding insulation, fixing the furnace and installing weatherstripping. Test your home's energy efficiency . Enter your home's energy usage in Home Performance with Energy Star (HPWES). A low score may qualify you for a home audit that may help you earn incentives for energy efficiency or weatherization help. ​ The NH Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) directs federal grant money to low-income households hardest hit by high energy costs and not able to weatherize their homes without assistance. Eligibility guidelines are the same as for LIHEAP, but applicants must wait for an energy audit to see if their dwelling space qualifies for the program. ​ USDA offers a Single Family Repair Loans & Grants program to very low-income rural homeowners who cannot get credit from other source. Known as the Section 504 program, amounts of $10,000 - $40,000 can be used to repair, improve or modernize homes. Many LiHEAP recipients use these funds to repair their homes before installing energy efficiency upgrades. CHOOSE A COMPETITIVE ENERGY SUPPLIER A competitive supplier is a company licensed by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (NHPUC) to sell electric supply products to electricity consumers. They are separate from the utilities and focus mainly on energy supply . Visit the links below for more information about competitive energy supply, how to make the switch, and important FAQs before making your decision. ​ Considerations when choosing an energy supplier Residential Competitive Energy Suppliers ​ ​ ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS LEND A HAND: CHECK IN AND SHARE TIPS Ask your neighbors, especially seniors, if they know about this website and the many money-saving ideas and resources listed. If you think they might qualify for rate assistance, make sure they have the number of your local Community Action Agency and urge them to call ASAP to apply for aid. Ask if they need help putting energy-saving ideas into practice. Have they swapped out their old bulbs for LED lights? If not, offer to buy the bulbs on their behalf and install them if they need help. ​ Look for other ways you can help each other save on energy, such as carpooling to the grocery store or running an errand for someone else while you're out so you can save them a special trip. Get creative! GET CREATIVE: ORGANIZE AN EVENT Suggest that your Chamber of Commerce , local hardware store or building supply store host a public demonstration explaining when to use different kinds of insulation and weatherizing products and showing how to install them. ​ Even better : Ask retailers to make a special energy-saving section or display in their store and offer volume discounts on LEDs, weatherstripping and thermal window film. ​ Urge your church group, civic club, scout troop or neighbors to sponsor a fundraiser to buy energy monitors and weatherizing tools for a tool lending library. Host a coffee hour or drop-in day so others can learn how to use the new tools. ​ Even better : Offer to do the work for one or more families who need hands-on help. START A WOODBANK: DO MORE GOOD WITH WOOD Start a "wood bank" - think of it like a food bank, a place where people can pick up items they need. In this case, it's a place where they can pick up firewood for free. Financial assistance for wood banks An in-depth guide on how to start a wood bank A list of New Hampshire wood banks: Sean Powers Wood Bank, Hopkinton, (603) 568-2783​ The Grapevine Community Wood Bank, Antrim, (603) 588-7154 Wood Ministry at Kearsarge Presbyterian Church, (603) 526-4800 Peterborough Community Wood Bank, Peterborough, (603) 924-6800 Warner Community Wood Bank, Warner, (603) 456-3303 THINK BIGGER: LEARN ABOUT WINDOW DRESSERS This community-based program matches volunteers with homes that need window inserts to save on heating bills. ​ ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS GET INVOLVED: BECOME A LOCAL LEADER Get involved with your local Energy Committee or Energy Commission. Reach out to your City or Town Clerk to learn if there is one in your community. If there's not one in your town, consider starting one with other clean energy champions. Visit here to find more information and resources on how to get one started. ​ CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS: SUPPORT NH'S ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND RENEWABLE ENERGY PROGRAMS Let your NH State Representative and Senator know you care about energy costs and value the programs offered by NHSaves. Not sure of the elected official serving your district? Find your State Senator here and your NH State Representatives here . KEEP IT GOING: JOIN CLEAN ENERGY NH! Support the organization that is working in local communities, serving as regulatory watchdogs, and working with bipartisan coalitions of energy stakeholders to support favorable policies and practices that strengthen NH’s clean energy industry. Become a member Donate Volunteer: Email us at of your interest Get Help Get Handy Lend A Hand Get Creative Start a Wood Bank Call Your Legislators Get Invoved Keep It Going Social Energy Challenge Share Tips Think Bigger Resources ENERGY SAVINGS: RESOURCES Energy Efficiency Rebates and Incentives: NH Department of Energy: A great starting point -the site provides information specific to NH utilities. Federal tax credits with ENERGY STAR NHSaves program ​ For Businesses: Check for savings by using these checklists (includes commercial buildings, housing, schools, churches, industrial plants, etc. North Country Farmers and Small Business Energy Savings/Funding Workshop ​ ENERGY SAVINGS: FAQs What should I unplug when I go on vacation? ​ What other recommendations would you have to save money year round? ​ FAQs NHSaves

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    JOIN US IN THE FIGHT FOR NEW HAMPSHIRE'S CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE. GET INFORMED Whether you are concerned about climate change, affordable energy, or energy security, being part of the clean energy community in New Hampshire means you are taking part in our push for a better future. ​ Take that first step now. Follow us on social media and sign-up for our monthly newsletter to receive the latest insights, news, and updates from our ever-growing coalition of clean energy experts. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER Never miss the latest news, action alerts, recommended reading, events, and more. SUBSCRIBE GET INVOLVED What Our Members Say "Energy is a complicated issue. Clean Energy NH is doing an amazing job trying to educate everybody - from legislators in Concord to municipalities, homeowners associations, and our cities and towns. And I think the only way that this is going to be successful is if we're all working on this as a group, as a team, and working on it together. Clean Energy NH pulls everybody together and really does look at this as a system. I'm proud to support Clean Energy NH." Steve Walker, Founder IMBY Energy JOIN OUR COALITION By joining Clean Energy New Hampshire as an individual member, you lend your support to the most effective, broad-based, locally-focused group of clean energy advocates in the Granite State. Together we can make bold changes in our state to advance the adoption of clean energy policies and practices. BECOME A MEMBER HELP FUND OUR FUTURE: Young Professionals in Energy (YPiE) is our commitment to help develop the next generation of clean energy leaders in New Hampshire. Can you help by making a donation today? MAKE A DONATION EXPLORE MORE RESOURCES We've worked with our trusted clean energy partners to identify the best resources to help you make better energy decisions for you and your household. We hope you will take some time to explore these resources, covering topics including: Electric Vehicles Solar Energy Energy Efficiency EXPLORE RESOURCES OUR MEMBERS INCLUDE: To see a full list our members, visit:


    POLICY PRIORITIES: 2022 WE SUPPORT programs & policies that strengthen NH's economy, protect public health, & conserve natural resources Clean Energy NH is dedicated to making meaningful progress toward a clean energy future every year. As such, we work with policymakers on a bipartisan basis to find compromise solutions that can pass in any political environment. Priorities for the 2022 legislative session: Ensure the sustained funding and policy continuity of New Hampshire’s energy efficiency programs. While CENH will continue to push for a favorable outcome in the PUC docket that produced the November 12th order defunding the state’s efficiency programs, in the absence of a resolution we are supporting legislation that stabilizes and future-proofs the state’s efficiency programs. Expand the definition of a “political subdivision” to expand the number of entities that can benefit from affordable community scale renewable energy . Adjust the definition of small customer-generators up to 500kw to enable more commercial clean energy projects. Increase the limit on net metering for customers with large amounts of electricity demand, such as manufacturers or other commercial and industrial customers, Eliminate the arbitrary restriction on participation in group net metering for customers who also have installed net-metered generation on-site, but have additional electrical load that they could off-set, Establish an investigation regarding cost effective, timely, and predictable interconnection practices for new renewable energy facilities, Clarify and include energy storage systems in the definition of limited electrical producer to provide communities with an economic incentive to reduce New Hampshire’s share of regional transmission costs; Eliminate barriers to access to low and moderate income community solar programs. Clean Energy NH opposes legislation to: Establish solar panel recycling programs that place unreasonable burdens on solar manufacturers, Duplicative and burdensome requirements for customer generators to provide replacement power in the event not meeting export obligations, and; Changes to the net metering tariff that exclude certain components, including compliance with the renewable portfolio standard , that would reduce the overall net metering credit. ​ ​

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    BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION SUSTAINABLE BUILDING & ARCHITECTURE GREEN BUILDING ADVISOR​ Community of building science experts ----> BUILD GREEN NH Tips, professionals, events, resources, efficiency, and more ----> ENERGY STAR PORTFOLIO MANAGER​ Online energy management and tracking tool enables ----> NH HOMEBUILDERS ASSOCIATION Industry & consumer information, events, and more ----> NH CHAPTER, GREEN BUILDINGS COUNCIL Promotes, educates, and advocates for green building ----> ASHRAE GRANITE STATE CHAPTER​ Heating, ventilating, air conditioning, & refrigeration resources ---->

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    EMPOWER YOUR COMMUNITY, BECOME A CLEAN ENERGY CHAMPION A RESOURCE IN REDUCING EMISSIONS Does your community want to reduce emissions? We can help. Become a member and partner with our team of clean energy experts to: Receive clean energy and energy efficiency education along with technical assistance Start your own Local Energy Committee Conceive, design, and carry out new clean energy projects Secure grant and funding opportunities ​ CONTACT US What Our Members Say "Our town energy committee has deep trust in Clean Energy NH. We rely on their expertise, data, resources and their translation of PUC legalese into laywoman's terms. Clean Energy NH has always been our trusted partner." Renay Allen, Chair Exeter Energy Committee PARTICIPATE IN OUR ENERGY CIRCUIT RIDER PROGRAM The Energy Circuit Rider (ECR) Program grew out of a pilot effort in Coös to help municipalities secure funding and execute clean energy projects in their community. Energy Circuit Riders work hand-in-hand with municipal officials, providing capacity and expertise to help them on the transition to clean energy. Currently serving the North Country, Monadnock and Seacoast regions, our hope is to grow the program state-wide. LEARN MORE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER Never miss the latest news, action alerts, recommended reading, events, and more. SUBSCRIBE JOIN OUR COALITION Start working towards a clean energy future for your local municipality today. Learn how to enlist your community as a Clean Energy New Hampshire municipal member and access our services. BECOME A MEMBER EXPLORE MORE RESOURCES We're constantly on the lookout for funding and support resources for our local government partners. Take a look at some of our most frequently requested resources to help you get started. ​ EXPLORE RESOURCES THANKS TO OUR 30+ MUNICIPAL MEMBERS FROM AROUND THE STATE. VIEW MUNICIPAL MEMBERS

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    ENERGY EFFICIENCY THE LOWEST-COST ENERGY RESOURCE NH SAVES Provides tools, incentives, & tips to save energy ----> ENERGY STAR​ Efficient appliances & products & home improvement ----> ENERGY.GOV STATE & LOCAL SOLUTIONS CENTER Various initiatives & services ----> HOME ENERGY SCORE​ Compare the energy performance of your homes ----> CASE STUDIES Community case studies from successful EE projects ----> WEATHERIZATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM​ Program serving low-income households ----> ENERGY EFFICIENCY RESOURCE STANDARD (EERS)​ Sets statewide energy savings targets ----> BETTER BUILDINGS FINANCIAL NAVIGATOR​ Provides ways to finance EE projects ---->

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