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    POLICY PRIORITIES: 2022 WE SUPPORT programs & policies that strengthen NH's economy, protect public health, & conserve natural resources Clean Energy NH is dedicated to making meaningful progress toward a clean energy future every year. As such, we work with policymakers on a bipartisan basis to find compromise solutions that can pass in any political environment. Priorities for the 2022 legislative session: Ensure the sustained funding and policy continuity of New Hampshire’s energy efficiency programs. While CENH will continue to push for a favorable outcome in the PUC docket that produced the November 12th order defunding the state’s efficiency programs, in the absence of a resolution we are supporting legislation that stabilizes and future-proofs the state’s efficiency programs. Expand the definition of a “political subdivision” to expand the number of entities that can benefit from affordable community scale renewable energy . Adjust the definition of small customer-generators up to 500kw to enable more commercial clean energy projects. Increase the limit on net metering for customers with large amounts of electricity demand, such as manufacturers or other commercial and industrial customers, Eliminate the arbitrary restriction on participation in group net metering for customers who also have installed net-metered generation on-site, but have additional electrical load that they could off-set, Establish an investigation regarding cost effective, timely, and predictable interconnection practices for new renewable energy facilities, Clarify and include energy storage systems in the definition of limited electrical producer to provide communities with an economic incentive to reduce New Hampshire’s share of regional transmission costs; Eliminate barriers to access to low and moderate income community solar programs. Clean Energy NH opposes legislation to: Establish solar panel recycling programs that place unreasonable burdens on solar manufacturers, Duplicative and burdensome requirements for customer generators to provide replacement power in the event not meeting export obligations, and; Changes to the net metering tariff that exclude certain components, including compliance with the renewable portfolio standard , that would reduce the overall net metering credit. ​ ​

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    MEMBERSHIP OUR PROMISE We deliver value by providing the knowledge, skills, and network for all energy and clean tech solutions We build relationships among people and organizations using a fact-based approach that offers objective, balanced, and practical insights for transforming the Granite State’s clean energy economy and sustaining its citizens’ way of life. Support from our members enables us not only to continue our vital work, but to share their voices with those who need to hear them the most. ​ Whatever drives you, be it high energy costs, the economy, jobs, expansion of renewable energy, or the impacts of climate change, membership with CENH is the best way to support clean energy in the Granite State. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS AND LEVELS Membership - Municipality FO R LOCAL GOVERNMENT From the White Mountains to the Seacoast We're experienced in assisting local energy committees, municipal staff, school staff, and community leaders in the organization pursuit, and successful completion of clean energy and energy efficiency projects so NH's municipalities can save money, become energy independent, and meet their sustainability goals. Learn more about our local energy solutions work. MUNICIPAL MEMBERSHIP LEVELS Quick View Clean Energy Leader Business Membership Price $7,500.00 Quick View Corporate Business Membership (50+ Employees) Price $4,500.00 Quick View Large Business Membership (31 - 50 Employees) Price $3,000.00 Quick View Medium Business Membership (11 - 30 Employees) Price $1,500.00 Quick View Small Business Membership (4 - 10 Employees) Price $850.00 Quick View Start-Up Business Membership (1 - 3 Employees) Price $250.00 Quick View Gold Municipal Membership Price $500.00 Quick View Municipal Membership Price $300.00 Quick View Leadership Circle Individual Membership Price $1,000.00 Quick View Gold Individual Membership Price $300.00 Quick View Silver Individual Membership Price $175.00 Quick View Bronze Individual Membership Price $75.00 FOR BUSINESSES From the Energy Industry & Beyond We’re addressing NH’s high energy rates by promoting innovation and the development of a long-term clean energy policy that will provide business opportunities, attract new industries, and inspire financial investments in the Granite State.​ Our members represent nearly 20 sectors of the economy, far beyond the energy industry. Learn more about our industry development work. BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP LEVELS Clean Energy Leader Business Membership Price $7,500.00 Corporate Business Membership (50+ Employees) Price $4,500.00 Large Business Membership (31 - 50 Employees) Price $3,000.00 Medium Business Membership (11 - 30 Employees) Price $1,500.00 Small Business Membership (4 - 10 Employees) Price $850.00 Start-Up Business Membership (1 - 3 Employees) Price $250.00 Gold Municipal Membership Price $500.00 Municipal Membership Price $300.00 Leadership Circle Individual Membership Price $1,000.00 Gold Individual Membership Price $300.00 Silver Individual Membership Price $175.00 Bronze Individual Membership Price $75.00 Membership - Business FOR INDIVIDUALS Across New England & Around The Country We’re dedicated to lowering energy costs for NH citizens by advocating for change in the way that energy is generated, stored, and used and using fact-based information to communicate the benefits if growing the state’s clean energy economy. ​ We provide unbiased information on energy efficiency, clean energy generation, and policy options to empower individuals with knowledge and strengthen local decision making on where we get our energy and how we use it. Learn more about our achievements. INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP LEVELS SUPPORTER ($25 - 74.99) BECOME A SUPPORTER A discount on all CENH merchandise BRONZE ($75 - 174.99) BECOME A BRONZE MEMBER Exclusive access to a website portal dedicated to important updates and information relevant to members Access to members-only regulatory and legislative email newsletters Invitation to CENH members-only webinars and events Invitations and discounts to member networking events throughout the year Listing as a valued member in our annual reports Discount on CENH merchandise Free CENH sticker SILVER ($175 - 299.99) BECOME A SILVER MEMBER Exclusive access to a website portal dedicated to important updates and information relevant to members Access to members-only regulatory and legislative email newsletters Invitation to CENH members-only webinars and events Invitations and discounts to member networking events throughout the year One (1) free registration to the LES Conference ($80 value) Listing as a valued member in our annual reports Discount on CENH merchandise Free gift with membership Free CENH sticker GOLD ($300 - 999.99) BECOME A GOLD MEMBER Exclusive access to a website portal dedicated to important updates and information relevant to members Access to members-only regulatory and legislative email newsletters Access to CENH’s weekly policy calls during the legislative session Invitation to CENH members-only webinars and events Invitations and discounts to member networking events throughout the year Two (2) free registrations to the LES Conference ($160 value) Listing as a valued member in our annual reports Discount on CENH merchandise Free gift with membership Free CENH sticker LEADERSHIP CIRCLE ($1,000+) JOIN THE LEADERSHIP CIRCLE Exclusive access to a website portal dedicated to important updates and information relevant to members Invitations to special events with Executive Director, Sam Evans-Brown Access to members-only regulatory and legislative email newsletters Access to CENH’s weekly policy calls during the legislative session Access to expert advocacy and policy support on energy policy questions Invitations to CENH members-only webinars and events Free admission to member networking events throughout the year Two (2) free registrations to the LES Conference ($160 value) Featured placement on the CENH website Listing as a valued member in our annual reports Discount on CENH merchandise Free gift with membership Free CENH sticker Membership - Individuals

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    BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION SUSTAINABLE BUILDING & ARCHITECTURE GREEN BUILDING ADVISOR​ Community of building science experts ----> BUILD GREEN NH Tips, professionals, events, resources, efficiency, and more ----> ENERGY STAR PORTFOLIO MANAGER​ Online energy management and tracking tool enables ----> NH HOMEBUILDERS ASSOCIATION Industry & consumer information, events, and more ----> NH CHAPTER, GREEN BUILDINGS COUNCIL Promotes, educates, and advocates for green building ----> ASHRAE GRANITE STATE CHAPTER​ Heating, ventilating, air conditioning, & refrigeration resources ---->

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    INDUSTRY A UNITED VOICE We represent the industry, provide business opportunities, attract new industries, and inspire financial investments in NH Our industry development work reaches far & wide, encompassing: 16 sectors including renewable generation, efficiency, legal, financial, consulting, technology, & beyond 135 active business members from across NH & the region NH's growth & share of a global $5 trillion industry by 2020 Average annual clean tech wage is 50% higher than the state average OUR WORK We connect businesses that share our vision through forums, conferences, and events and communications aimed at staying informed of policy initiatives, current legislation, and key insights to drive action and decision making. OUR MEMBERS Our members believe NH needs energy policies and practices that look to the future and keep our state competitive throughout the New England region and beyond (from both an economic and environmental perspective). ABOUT CLEANTECH Cleantech is a general term applied to innovative technologies, services, and products that enhance environmental performance in the energy, construction, transportation, utility, and waste industries, mostly through applications that focus on energy. Read our 2014 Market Report and our 2018 Clean Energy Employment Report to learn more. 2014 MARKET REPORT 2018 JOBS REPORT JOIN US To make the Granite State a thriving market & place to do business for clean energy & clean tech. Learn more about business memberships here and become a member here

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    Thank you for Attending!! October 8th, 2021 at the Grappone Center ​ Recorded Sessions are Processing and Will Be Available Soon! ABOUT The Local Energy Solutions (LES) Conference is the event of the year for local energy champions, policymakers, municipal officials, town staff, regulators, and industry representatives. The event is hosted by Clean Energy NH and the LES Workgroup. FEATURES The LES Conference features the latest topics, best practices, & innovative ideas presented by leading experts. The event also includes best-of-the-best networking opportunities. This year's Conference will feature a hybrid model, with remote attendee options CONTENT The LES Conference features content on renewable energy technology & policy, energy efficiency & net-zero, project management, siting, & financing, group net metering & community power, electric vehicles & beneficial electrification, community planning, cleantech, & more! STATS The LES Conference features 350+ attendees from across the Northeast, over 50 expert speakers & presenters, and dozens of top-notch sponsors & exhibitors. Visit the Official Conference Page at Please Contact Joshua Singer For All Inquiries Local Students, Local Energy Solutions Webinar. October 7th, 11am. Students at Hanover High School have developed a climate action plan: a roadmap for how to reduce their school's admissions greenhouse gas emissions by 77 percent by 2050. This was a student-led initiative, and is the first of its kind for a high school in the entire United States. In this session, the students and their advisors will discuss how the plan was imagined and brought to fruition, and how it continues to evolve today. Attendees will come away with practical lessons for how to replicate Hanover's success at their own school. ​ Attendance to this session and virtual attendance to the entire Local Energy Solutions conference is free to current High School Students. Register Here! Keynote Speaker: Elizabeth Wilson of the Irving Institute for Energy and Society Dr. Elizabeth J. Wilson is a Professor of Environmental Studies and the inaugural Director of the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society. She studies how energy systems are changing in the face of new technologies and new societal pressures. Her work focuses on the implementation of energy and environmental policies and laws in practice. She studies how institutions support and thwart energy system transitions and focuses on the interplays between technology innovation, policy creation, and institutional decision making. Recent research has examined how energy policy stakeholders view the opportunities and challenges of creating smart grids and decision making within Regional Transmission Organizations, which manage the transmission planning, electricity markets and grid operations of over 70 percent of North America. Her research has also examined how stakeholders in different U.S. states view emerging energy technologies like wind power and carbon-capture and sequestration and the electric power transmission system. Her recent books include Energy Law and Policy and Smart Grid (R)evolution: Electric Power Struggles. Wilson's research group is working on two NSF supported grants on media and stakeholder perceptions of Smart Grid technologies and on decision making in Regional Transmission Organizations. Agenda Tracks and Sessions Community Leadership Community Power Panel 10:30 - 11:45am Community Power was the hot topic of 2020 and 2021, but what does that mean for New Hampshire, and who is facilitating it? Hear from the top 3 Community Power Providers in the state in a Community Power Panel! Including a chance to ask questions live. Ballroom Moderator : Amanda Gokee Speakers : Henry Herndon (Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire), Bart Fromuth (Freedom Energy Logistics), Bob Hayden (Standard Power) Local Clean Energy Success Stories 1:15 - 2:30pm Communities around NH are investing in a clean energy future, from solar arrays to efficient housing projects, learn about how NH is moving towards a more effiecient, cost effective future! Concord Room Moderators : Melissa Elander (Clean Energy NH) & Sarah Brock (Vital Communities) Speakers : David Van Houten (Chair of The Bethlehem Energy Commission), Ray Danforth (Shelburne Energy Committee), Andrea Hodson (Harrisville Energy Aggregation Committee), Jim Norse (Sustainable Lyme), Emily Manns (Peterborough Energy Committee) Local Energy Action! 3:00 - 4:15pm This session will provide a roadmap for municipalities to succeed in local energy efforts. Presentations will be given by representatives from The Monadnock Sustainability Hub, Vital Communities, Clean Energy NH, and ReVision Energy. Concord Room Speakers : Annie Henry (Monadnock Sustainability Hub), Sarah Brock (Vital Communities), Josh Singer (Clean Energy NH) , Melissa Elander (Clean Energy NH) Infrastructure and Transportation Clean Transportation Infrastructure Investments: Paving the Way for Transportation Electrification 10:30 - 11:45am Transportation emissions continue to be the largest source of greenhouse gases. Electrification is the available and affordable technology to significantly reduce emissions from this sector. Municipalities can help pave the way by electrifying their own fleets and establishing practices and policies that will encourage local charging infrastructure and enable the use of EVs in your communities by both residents and businesses. Hosted by the Granite State Clean Cities Coalition, this session will highlight concrete steps municipalities can take to lead the charge, and end with an EV Showcase and Ride-and-Drive event in the parking lot. Pierce Moderators : Jessica Wilcox (Granite State Clean Cities Coalition) & Bruce Clendenning (The Nature Conservancy) Speakers : Bruce Clendenning (The Nature Conservancy) , Jessica Wilcox (Granite State Clean Cities Coalition) , ReVision, Dover, DES Grid of the Future 1:15 - 2:30pm The US electrical grid has been described as the world's largest machine, one which historically generated, transmitted, and distributed power to meet immediate need for lighting, pumps, motors, and other equipment, with limited capacity to store energy. How can we smoothly transform this 100+ year-old infrastructure in the timeframe necessary to address climate change while equitably meeting the needs of residents, business, and manufacturers? Topics will include interconnection of clean renewable energy, storage integration, and providing energy for electrified building and transportation sectors. Ballroom Moderator : Matt Siska (GDS Associates) Speakers : Dr. Elizabeth Mettetal (Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc. (E3), Brian Callnan (NH Electric Cooperative) BYOS and More - Storage Developments in the Granite State 3:00 - 4:15pm Energy storage adoption is growing steadily around the country, but what is New Hampshire doing to support the adoption of storage that often pairs so well with renewable energy generation and a more modern, resilient grid? This session features updates on the behind the meter storage programs, utility scale storage, and demand response programs actively serving the region's electric grid. Join to learn where New Hampshire stands and where we may be going with energy storage and demand response! Ballroom Moderator : Kelly Buchanan (Clean Energy NH) Speakers : Heather Tebbets (Liberty Utilities), Brian Callanan (NH Electric Co-op), Alex Tang (TRC) Pathways to Efficient and Affordable Housing The Role of High Performance Homes in NH's Clean Energy Future 10:30 - 11:45am Buildings need to be a major area of focus for a successful energy transition. As the housing boom in New Hampshire continues, it’s critical that all new homes are designed and constructed in a manner that is consistent with NH’s long term energy, carbon, and resiliency goals. This session will talk through the design principles and strategies, as well as the key technologies that can be utilized in order to develop high performance, resilient homes that are well equipped for a fossil fuel free future. We’ll also discuss non-energy benefits and cover case studies from real-world projects. Attendees will leave with a series of key principles that can be implemented at the policy level or in practice. Webster Moderators : Jamie Bemis (Granite State ASHRAE) Speakers : Andrew Dey (Unity Homes) , Bryan Felice (Undustrial), Laura Samoisette (Resilient Buildings Group) NHSaves: Serving Low and Moderate Income Granite Staters 1:15 - 2:30pm Reducing the energy bills of low to moderat income granite staters is not always straightforward. Landlords and property owners don't always pay heating and electricity bills of their tenants, and don't necessarily have the incentive to engage with NH Saves. How do we bridge that gap, and how can ensure that our efficieny programs reach more NH residents of modest means. Webster Moderator : Sam Evans Brown (Clean Energy NH) Speakers : Frank Melanson (Eversource), Kirk Stone (NH Dept. of Energy), Dana Nute (Resilient Buildings Group) Next Generation Efficiency Regulation Design 3:00 - 4:15pm How much energy will a given energy efficiency upgrade save? It's a question that's surprisingly difficult to answer. However, program designs can incorporate innovative features to try to give us more data to inform better policy. Hear from a program administrator, a regulator and an academic how to incorporate actual randomized, controlled experiments to reveal how much bang we're truly getting for our bucks. Webster Moderator : Sam Evans Brown (Clean Energy NH) Speakers : Chris Knittel (MIT), Tracey Dyke-Redmond (Eversource), Brian Buckley (NH Dept. of Energy) Policy Legislative and Regulatory Roundup 10:30 - 11:45am 2021 flashed by in a blur. Are you curious about what happened at the New Hampshire State House and Public Utilities Commission this year? This session will help you catch up on all things energy policy, including the expansion of net metering for municipal projects, the creation of a Department of Energy in NH, the statewide energy efficiency plan, and what to expect in 2022. Merrimack Moderators : Sam Evans Brown (Clean Energy NH) Speakers : Jim M (The Dupont Group), Heidi Kroll (Gallagher, Callahan, Gartrell), Huck Montgomery (Liberty), Madeleine Mineau (Essex Hydro) The Federal Infrastructure Plan 1:15 - 2:30pm The entire energy policy world is holding its breath to see what comes out of Washington D.C. this fall. A panel of congressional staffers will bring us the latest of what we might expect from the Biden administration's big push on the clean energy transition Merrimack Moderator : Eli Emerson (Primmer) Speakers : Staff for Shaheen, Hassan, Kuster and Pappas Data Informed Energy Policy 3:00 - 4:15pm In today’s technology and data driven world, most Granite Staters still have difficulty accessing their energy use data. The settlement achieved in NH Public Utilities Commission docket DE 19-197 established a sound foundation for the creation of a statewide, multi-use online energy data platform. Join this session and learn about how readily accessible energy data can help individuals, businesses, and communities unlock innovation, energy efficiency, and new clean energy technologies. Merrimack Moderator : Henry Herndon (Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire) Speakers : Don Kreis (Office of the Consumer Advocate), Ethan Goldman, Rep. Kat McGhee, Justin Eisfeller

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    OUR TEAM Meet the team leading New Hampshire's clean energy transition. POLICY SAM EVANS-BROWN Executive Director Contact & Bio CHRIS SKOGLUND Director of Energy Transition Contact & Bio NICK PAUL Director of Legislative Affairs Contact & Bio OPERATIONS & DEVELOPMENT SARAH BROCK Energy Circuit Rider Program Director Contact & Bio MELISSA ELANDER Energy Circuit Rider (North Country) Contact & Bio KATRIN KASPER Energy Circuit Rider (Seacoast Region) Contact & Bio DOUG COGAN Energy Circuit Rider (Sullivan County) Contact & Bio BETH SAN SOUCIE Deputy Director Contact & Bio CAROLYN SWEET Grants Manager Contact & Bio ANNA LI PREBLE Membership Coordinator Contact & Bio KYANA BURGESS Communications Coordinator Contact & Bio ENERGY CIRCUIT RIDERS FRANK RICHTER Energy Circuit Rider (Monadnock Region) Contact & Bio GABE CHELIUS Small Business Energy Circuit Rider Contact & Bio KATHARINE CUSACK Small Business Energy Circuit Rider Contact & Bio Anchor 1 BOARD OF DIRECTORS JINJUE ALLEN Enel North America Inc. TOM BURACK Sheehan P hinney; Past Chair WILLIAM CHURCH ​CRCS LC DANIEL CLAPP ReVision Energy; Vice Chair HON. MARTHA FULLER CLARK MIKE FRADETTE Amazon BART FROMUTH Freedom Energ y Logistics JULIA GRIFFIN; Ch air GEORGE HANSEL Filtrine Manufacturing MARY LOU KRAMBEER MLK & Company JAY MCFARLAND Hampton Ford-Hyundai MADELEINE MINEAU Essex Hydro; Treasurer TOM ROONEY TRC Companies; Secr etary APRIL SALAS Arthur L. Irving Institute, Dartmouth College MEGHAN SEMIAO Copia Power CHRIS STEWART DAVID WORTHEN Worthen Industries Board of Directors STAFF BIOS & CONTACT SEB Bio SAM EVANS-BROWN EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR BIO Sam leads Clean Energy New Hampshire in its effort to create a cleaner, more affordable, and more resilient energy system in the Granite State. Sam grew up in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Prior to joining Clean Energy New Hampshire in 2021 he was a podcast host and radio journalist for nearly ten years, during which he wrote stories about New England energy issues extensively and won several regional and national awards. He's an excellent bike mechanic, a Spanish speaker, and a father of two. Sam graduated with a B.A. from Bates College in Politics and Spanish in 2009. CONTACT BS Bio BETH SAN SOUCIE DEPUTY DIRECTOR BIO Beth is the Deputy Director of Clean Energy NH. In this role, Beth is responsible for overseeing internal matters at CENH, outreach and communications to the organization’s membership base, event planning oversight and project management, and assisting with the organization’s digital and traditional media presence. Previously, she served as the Director of Communications with Stay Work Play NH, a nonprofit dedicated to attracting and retaining more young people to New Hampshire. CONTACT CHRIS SKOGLUND DIRECTOR OF ENERGY TRANSITION BIO Chris joined the Clean Energy NH team in January 2022 as the Director of Energy Transition, a role in which he will serve as the specialist in matters of policy and implementation of those policies, and will lead the organization’s intervention at the Public Utilities Commission. Most recently, he was the Climate and Energy Program Manager at the NH Department of Environment Services and was a central part of strategic climate and energy policy initiatives at the local, state, and regional level. Chris holds a Bachelor’s in Biology from Johns Hopkins University and a Master’s in Environmental Conservation from the University of New Hampshire. In his free time, he can be found completing the replacement of his yard’s traditional landscaping with vegetable gardens and a diverse polyculture orchard. CONTACT CONTACT CS Bio NICK PAUL DIRECTOR OF LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS BIO Born and raised in Concord, Nick has managed competitive electoral campaigns in New Hampshire as well as several states across the nation. He also has experience with grassroots advocacy organizations like RESULTS, Protect the Granite State and NextGen Climate, mobilizing activists on issues such as global poverty, education, public health, energy and the environment. CONTACT NP Bio ME Bio MELISSA ELANDER ENERGY CIRCUIT RIDER (NORTH COUNTRY) BIO Melissa Elander worked as an Energy Auditor and Weatherization Project Manager in the North Country of New Hampshire before joining Clean Energy NH. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Plymouth State University and a Master's of Arts in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development from American University. CONTACT GC Bio GABRIEL CHELIUS SMALL BUSINESS ENERGY CIRCUIT RIDER BIO Gabe Chelius joined CENH in May of 2022 helping small businesses in the North Country access funding streams for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. In 2024 Gabe’s area of operation expanded to include rural small business and farmers across New Hampshire in accessing the USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) funds for their energy investments. Gabe holds his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science & Policy from Plymouth State University. CONTACT AP Bio ANNA LI PREBLE MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR BIO Anna Li (first name) Preble (last name) joined Clean Energy NH in January 2023 as the Administrative Assistant. After a year with the organization, she has stepped into a new role as the Membership Coordinator. In this role, Anna Li will serve as the liaison between Clean Energy NH and its members. She's thrilled to take on this new role and foster relationships with valued members. CONTACT KATRIN KASPER ENERGY CIRCUIT RIDER (SEACOAST REGION) BIO Katrin joined Clean Energy NH in February of 2023. She has a Bachelors of Science in Wildlife Management from UNH. She grew up in the Upper Valley but found her home on the Seacoast. She is passionate about transitioning to clean, efficient, affordable energy that we can rely on. She is excited to assist the Seacoast in taking advantage of all the incredible resources that are available to aid in that transition. Katrin can be found enjoying this lovely planet by gardening, bird watching, or hiking in her free time. CONTACT CAROLYN SWEET GRANTS MANAGER BIO Carolyn has joined CENH in the new role of Grants Manager. She has an extensive background in community and economic development planning, and has managed and written grants for state, local, and county government, as well as nonprofits in MD, PA, NH, VT, and MA; she holds a certification in federal performance management, ROMA, as well as in Nonprofit Management from Common Good Vermont. Carolyn is currently completing a MA in Regenerative Economics at Schumacher College. In her free time, Carolyn and her husband can be found hiking, gardening, and cooking yummy local food, often grown at their house. CONTACT SARAH BROCK CIRCUIT RIDER PROGRAM DIRECTOR BIO Sarah Brock joined Clean Energy New Hampshire as Director of CENH's Energy Circuit Rider Program in 2024. Sarah works with our growing team of Energy Circuit Riders to help municipalities and small businesses plan, finance, and implement clean energy and energy efficiency projects. Prior to joining Clean Energy New Hampshire, Sarah spent over a decade implementing community-based climate, energy, and transportation programming at Vital Communities, a nonprofit serving the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire. While at Vital Communities, Sarah was actively involved in the New Hampshire Local Energy Solutions Work Group and Conference. Sarah lives in Warner with her husband and two daughters. CONTACT DOUG COGAN ENERGY CIRCUIT RIDER (SULLIVAN COUNTY) BIO Doug has lived in Plainfield for more than 35 years, where he has served on the local school board, conservation commission and as a local weather observer. He wrote a book in 1992 on business and investment responses to climate change and has devoted his career to promoting clean energy investments -- first with large investors like universities and pension funds and now with schools and communities at the grassroots level. Doug loves being outdoors on foot, bike or skis, and enjoys nature photography. He wants to "bend the curve" on climate change to benefit future generations, including his two sons, one of whom teaches elementary school in Cornish. His other son is farther afield -- presently conducting orangutan research in Borneo, Indonesia! CONTACT FRANK RICHTER ENERGY CIRCUIT RIDER (MONADNOCK REGION) BIO Frank Richter joined Clean Energy NH in March of 2024. He has a BA in Economics from Bates College. He grew up in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire, enjoying all that it has to offer in outdoor activities. Having done significant energy efficiency retrofits on his own properties as well as installing PV on his home, he hopes to help towns see for themselves the rewards of completing similar projects in their communities. In his free time, Frank enjoys skiing, hiking, kayaking, and biking with family and friends. CONTACT KYANA BURGESS COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR BIO Kyana joined Clean Energy NH in April 2024 as the Communications Coordinator. In this role, she supports the advancement of the organization’s strategic communication goals and digital media presence. Her previous experience includes directing legal research and community-based advocacy efforts, as well as managing projects focused on implementing sustainable initiatives and strengthening global outreach development. Kyana graduated with a B.A. in Anthropology and Sustainability from the University of New Hampshire. CONTACT KATHARINE CUSACK SMALL BUSINESS ENERGY CIRCUIT RIDER BIO Katharine joined Clean Energy NH in April 2024. She's enthusiastic about collaborating closely with small businesses and farms across the state to assist them in accessing USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) funds for their clean energy and energy efficiency projects. Outside of work, you will find her wandering up a mountain, traversing a gravel bike path, carving down ski slopes, scaling a bouldering wall, or browsing through outdoor gear stores. As someone who spends most of her free time outdoors, she is passionate about the transition to clean, affordable, and reliable energy, aiming to leave New Hampshire better than she found it. Katharine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Saint Anselm College. CONTACT Katrin Bio Carolyn Bio Sarah B Bio Doug Bio Frank Bio Kyana Bio Katharine Bio

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    OFFSHORE WIND A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR NEW HAMPSHIRE WHY OFFSHORE WIND? Offshore wind energy provides a multitude of opportunities for New Hampshire, including: ABUNDANT CLEAN ENERGY NEW, WELL-PAYING JOBS ROBUST INVESTMENTS It is estimated that the coast of New Hampshire has enough offshore wind potential to supply 2,600 MW of clean energy to the region's power grid, enough to power the entire Granite State. Due to New Hampshire's unique geographic position, the state is also well-positioned to host offshore wind supply chain companies. Offshore wind developments can provide significant investment in the state's economy and offer a suite of well-paying jobs across a suite of supporting industries. OUR INVOLVEMENT Clean Energy NH has been a leader in the effort to bring offshore wind to the state. Our staff are known as experts on the industry and have worked tirelessly to build a network of support for the industry. In 2018, Clean Energy NH led a foreign trade delegation to the Kingdom of Denmark, a global leader in offshore wind, to learn from the country's successful offshore wind projects and promote New Hampshire as a prime site for offshore wind supply chain development. Clean Energy NH is actively involved in various efforts to advance offshore wind, including monitoring the BOEM Gulf of Maine Renewable Energy Task Force. STATUS New Hampshire is one of three states, along with Massachusetts and Maine, participating in the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's (BOEM) Gulf of Maine Renewable Energy Task Force. The Task Force, composed of local and state elected officials and agency representatives, is a federal requirement recognized as the first step towards development. During the Task Force, members will discuss and finalize lease areas in federal waters off the New England coast, along with various other important topics related to offshore wind development including impacts on wildlife, fishing, ocean travel, and more. ​ Governor Sununu has also announced the formation of four advisory boards to work with stakeholders and advise Task Force members. The advisory boards include: Fisheries, endangered species, and environmental impacts advisory board, chaired by the commissioner of the Department of Environmental Services, or designee Workforce, economic development, and supply chain advisory board, chaired by the commissioner of the Department of Business and Economic Affairs, or designee Existing offshore industries advisory board, chaired by the executive director of the Pease Development Authority, or designee Siting, transmission, and infrastructure advisory board, chaired by the director of the Office of Strategic Initiatives, or designee ​ LEARN MORE Clean Energy NH maintains an extensive database of resources related to offshore wind. Access the database to learn more about this important clean energy source here ! WEBINAR RECORDING Clean Energy NH hosted a webinar in April 2020 titled "Offshore Wind in the Gulf of Maine: The Basics, Status, and What They Mean for New Hampshire". View the recording here .

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    MAP OF WOOD ENERGY SYSTEMS VIEW PROJECTS SCHOOLS HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY MUNICIPAL/NON-PROFIT SCHOOLS FACILITY TOWN FUEL TYPE Hanover High School Merrimack Valley School District Holderness School Kearsarge Middle School Keene Middle School Pembroke Academy Proctor Academy Richmond Middle School Winnisquam Regional HS Kidsview Academy New England College Marlborough Elementary School Belmont Elementary School Belmont Middle School Bethlehem Elementary Belmont High School Canaan Elementary School Canterbury Elementary Charlestown Elementary Claremont Middle School Cornish Elementary School Enfield Elementary School Dublin School Franklin Pierce University Greenfield Elementary Greenville Elementary/SAU Inter-Lakes High School Inter-Lakes Elementary Indian River Middle School Lebanon Middle School Lafayette Elementary School Mascenic Regional High School Lyme Elementary School Mascenic Regional Middle School Mason Elementary School Mascoma Valley Regional HS Plymouth State University Sanbornton Central School Monadnock Waldorf School Walpole Elementary School White Mountain School Maple Street School John Stark High School Jaffrey-Rindge High School Plymouth High School Claremont High School High Mowing School UNH Northwest Heating Plant Hanover Penacook Holderness North Sutton Keene Pembroke Andover Hanover Tilton Claremont Henniker Marlborough Belmont Belmont Bethlehem Belmont Canaan Canterbury Charlestown Claremont Cornish Enfield Dublin Rindge Greenfield Greenville Meredith Meredith Enfield Lebanon Franconia New Ipswich Lyme New Ipswich Mason Enfield Plymouth Sanbornton Keene Walpole Bethlehem Hopkinton Weare Jaffrey Plymouth Claremont Wilton Durham Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips HEALTHCARE FACILITY TOWN FUEL TYPE Androscoggin Hospital Crotched Mt. Rehab Center Daniel Webster Place GlenCliff Nursing Home Littleton Regional Healthcare Weeks Medical Center Carroll County Nursing Home Milford Orthodontics Maplewood Nursing Home Woodlawn Care Center ​ Berlin Greenfield Franklin Benton Littleton Lancaster Ossipee Milford Westmoreland Newport Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Pellet Pellet Semi-Dry Chips Pellet Schools Healthcare INDUSTRY FACILITY TOWN FUEL TYPE Continental Biomass Industries Millipore Sigma Froling Energy Newton Greenhouse Pleasant View Gardens Greenhouse Pleasant View Gardens Greenhouse Warwick Mills Energy Resources Group CAI Technologies Colony House B&B Dartmouth Sachem Village Flying Goose Brew Pub E-Waste Recyclers Keene Yoga Center MEDC Dunning Corp Lignetics of New England NH Ball Bearing P.J. Noyes Sanborn Mills Farm Tullando Farm Union Block Apartments Weidner Services Northland Forest Products Filtrine Manufacturing Co Farm at Eastman's Corner Yankee Veneer Bensonwood Homes Whelen Engineering Newton Jaffrey Peterborough Newton Loudon Pembroke New Ipswich Farmington Littleton Keene Lebanon New London Jaffrey Keene North Walpole Jaffrey Peterborough Lancaster Loudon Orford Claremont Jaffrey Kingston Keene Kensington Claremont Walpole Charlestown Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chunkwood Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Industry MUNICIPAL & NON-PROFIT FACILITY TOWN FUEL TYPE Grafton County Complex Rockingham County Complex SPNHF State Office Park East (State) Sullivan County Complex Kroka Expeditions Highland Center - AMC Urban Forestry Center Squam Lakes Science Center All Saints Church Berlin Housing Authority Claremont Fire Station DRED Warehouse Effingham Town Offices Franconia Public Library Gorham Town Garage Harris Center Historic Harrisville Hollis Town Hall Hollis Police Station Hopkinton Highway Garage Hopkinton Fire Station Jaffrey WWTF Keene Courthouse Lyme Town Garage Littleton Fire Station MacDowell Monadnock Congregational Church New Hampshire Audubon NH SPCA Peterborough Community Center Peterborough Police Department Peterborough WWTF Peterborough Unitarian Church Peterborough Town House Sacred Heart Parish St. Kieran Arts Center Tuftonboro Meeting Hall United Church of Christ White Mt. National Forest Admin Wolfeboro WWTF Henniker Highway Garage Monadnock Humane Society Merrimack County Correctional Facility North Haverhill Brentwood Concord Concord Unity Marlow Bretton Woods Portsmouth Holderness Peterborough Berlin Claremont Concord Effingham Franconia Gorham Harrisville Harrisville Hollis Holls Hopkinton Contoocook Jaffrey Keene Lyme Littleton Peterborough Colebrook Concord Stratham Peterborough Peterborough Peterborough Peterborough Peterborough Lebanon Berlin Tuftonboro Keene Campton Wolfeboro Henniker Swanzey Boscawen Chips Chips Chips Chips Chips Chunkwood Chunkwood Chunkwood Chunkwood Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Muni/NP

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    CAREERS IN ENERGY ​ COME FOR THE MISSION, STAY FOR THE TEAM According to a report commissioned by The Nature Conservancy , the federal Inflation Reduction Act is slated to send $2.6 billion to the Granite State. This will generate over 4,000 new jobs and $350.7 million in the local economy over the ten years. CENH OPPORTUNIES Clean Energy NH (CENH) is working to advance a clean energy economy for all of New Hampshire. We deliver policy and technical expertise to empower businesses, municipalities, and policymakers to make informed energy decisions to lower costs, improve sustainability, and realize the other benefits of New Hampshire-based energy solutions. ​ CENH has played a leading role in crafting and defending key policies in support of the tran sition to a clean energy economy and serves as a key liaison to local decision-makers who are seeking to reduce their energy spending and achieve their clean energy goals. ​ Join the diverse, passionate, and talented people who are working to develop a clean energy f uture for the Granite State. ​ ​ ​ ​ Working in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industry, professionals can take pride in their work knowing that it is for everyone’s benefit. Working on clean, renewable energy sources is better for our state's economy, environment, public health and preserving our natural resources. This industry helps to make a tangible, positive impact. FEATURED POSITIONS ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNIES APPLY HERE APPLY HERE APPLY HERE APPLY HERE APPLY HERE APPLY HERE

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    ENERGY FAST FACTS Use this page for a quick look at New Hampshire's clean energy landscape! 5 Renewable Energy Rebate Programs 70+ Local Energy Committees 110 Megawatts of Solar Capacity 3 Onshore Wind Farms Over 13,000 Cleantech Jobs 120+ Commercial Modern Wood Heat Systems 1 Battery Storage Pilot Program 25% Renewable Energy Goal by 2025 60+ Small Hydroelectric Facilities 40+ Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Energize 360 campaign on the NH Seacoast Students tour the Town of Durham's solar array and Tesla Model X Crowd gathers at the commissioning of a community solar project in Hollis, NH Bishop blesses solar array on a NH church Clean Energy NH member Frase Electric working on an apartment solar installation Rolfe Canal Hydro in NH

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    MEMBER RESOURCES OUR EXCLUSIVE ONLINE DATABASE FOR CLEAN ENERGY EDUCATION AND RESOURCES Anchor 1 Welcome to the CENH members-only section. This is reserved for current CENH members. EXPLORE THE CATEGORIES Log In Members: Create an account Non-members: Become a Member today! Questions about your member status? Contact for more information.

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    LEGAL & POLICY SERVICES MEMBERS BCM Environment & Land Law Concord, NH Learn More Cornerstone Government Affairs Learn More Downs Rachlin Martin Lebanon, NH Learn More Dupont Group Concord, NH Learn More Keyes & Fox Learn More League of Conservation Voters Concord, NH Learn More Michaud Law Group Learn More Nixon Peabody Manchester, NH Learn More Orr & Reno Concord, NH Learn More Preti Strategies Concord, NH Learn More Primmer Manchester, Portsmouth, Littleton, NH Learn More Rath, Young, Pignatelli Concord, NH Learn More RENEW Northeast Madison, CT Learn More Sheehan Phinney Manchester & Concord, NH Learn More Sustainable Energy Advantage Framingham, MA Learn More

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