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  • Net Energy Metering | Clean Energy NH

    Solar Net Energy Metering Helping The Granite State Go Solar Learn More Take Action Powering Savings, Empowering You Net Energy Metering (NEM) promotes cost savings, empowers customer choice, stimulates economic growth, and enhances environmental sustainability while contributing to a more reliable and resilient energy grid. This policy has been helping local people go solar in New Hampshire since 1998, and supports locally generated small-scale hydropower. ​ But now, the policy that supports local renewable energy is at risk of a rollback. Early next year, New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) will decide on how much those who generate local power should be compensated in Docket 22-060 . This decision could put solar out of reach for many Granite Staters, hurting both our economy and environment. Why Does NEM Matter? Learn a little more about how Net Energy Metering (NEM) works and what impact it has on helping to move the needle forward on clean energy adoption here in New Hampshire. Download Fact Sheet NEM Talking Points Learn More Sign-Up, Stay Informed Would you like to stay informed on all things Net Energy Metering policy and legislation in New Hampshire? Sign-up below. Subscribe Make Sure Your Voice is Heard! Contact NH regulators to let them know that NEM empowers us to take control of our energy costs, grow our local economy, and invest in a more sustainable future. Contact The NH PUC Take Action NEM In the News NEM 3.0: Local Renewables Lower Electric Rates for All Granite Staters Keep Reading In unexpected move, New Hampshire utilities voice support for solar net metering Keep Reading Time for a ‘live free’ Energy Policy Keep Reading What’s the value of rooftop solar panels? A new study is helping New Hampshire find out. Keep Reading

  • Resources For Individuals | Clean Energy NH

    Clean Energy Resources For Individuals SOLAR The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission sustainable energy division oversees the renewable energy fund, provides renewable energy rebates, and develops and maintains renewable energy codes for commercial and residential buildings for the state. ​ Link: The Clean Energy States Alliance has created a helpful guide for homeowners when exploring financing options, including leases, loans, and PPAs, for installing solar energy systems at home. ​ Document Link The US Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy has pulled together some helpful resources for homeowners looking to install solar energy systems at home. ​ Link: BIOFUELS The Wood Energy Project provides educational resources to help you switch to a wood based energy system, including a project calculator and information on wood energy policies state by state. ​ Link: Modern wood heat relies on wood pellets and wood chips to efficiently heat homes and businesses. Declare independence from oil by investing in this cost-stable, locally sourced heating source. ​ Link: ELECTRIC VEHICLES Drive Electric NH is a coalition of public and private stakeholders who provide educations and events, and whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and the installation of supporting charging infrastructure in NH. ​ Link: ENERGY EFFICIENCY NH Saves is resource provided by a local coalition of energy companies and providers to help make homes, businesses and towns more sustainable and more comfortable places to live and work, both now and in the future. ​ Link: The NH Department of Energy provides a weatherization assistance program to help low income households reduce their energy usage and save money on energy costs through energy efficiency improvements to your home. ​ Link: GEOTHERMAL The New England Geothermal Professional Association (NEGPA) educates on and advocates for the use of geothermal energy in order to increase energy efficiency and decrease dependence on fossil fuels. There site includes a directory of geothermal solution providers. ​ Link: Can't Find Quite What You're Looking For? CONTACT US

  • Community Power | Clean Energy NH

    COMMUNITY POWER BRINGING NEW HAMPSHIRE RESIDENTS AND BUSINESS OWNERS CLEANER ENERGY AT COMPETITIVE RATES WHAT IS COMMUNITY POWER? Under a Community Power program, a local government such as a city, town, or county, may procure electricity on behalf of its their residents and businesses on a competitive basis. Community Power programs enable economies of scale associated with bulk purchasing power to lower electricity costs for communities. Community Power programs democratize energy sector governance by enabling local communities to choose where their electricity comes from. By bypassing outdated regulations and legacy technologies, these programs can harness private-sector innovation to lower costs for customers and provide other energy services. ​ Electric distribution utilities (e.g., Eversource, Liberty Utilities, NH Electric Cooperative, and Unitil) continue to deliver electricity to customers via their transmission distribution systems. ​ Community Power is sometimes referred to as “ municipal aggregation ” or “ community choice aggregation .” WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? By aggregating purchasing power across a community, and by having greater flexibility in energy contracting than regulated utilities, Community Power programs can harness private sector innovation to lower costs for their customers. Community Power programs may choose to purchase power based on other attributes such as renewable sources. Community Power programs can also be a vehicle to construct local renewable energy projects to be the source of power for the program. HOW DOES A LOCAL GOVERNMENT FORM A COMMUNITY POWER PROGRAM? The first step for a local government to implement a Community Power program is for the local governing body – select board, town council, city council, or county commission – to form an electric aggregation committee to develop a Community Power Plan. Multiple towns, cities, or counties may group together to form committees to develop these plans. ​ Once the Community Power plan has been finalized it must be approved for implementation by the local government’s legislative body (e.g., town meeting vote, city council vote). NH COMMUNITY POWER PROVIDERS HOW DO I LEARN MORE ABOUT COMMUNITY POWER? View our downloadable PDF here or contact us at . ​ Municipal members with Clean Energy NH receive exclusive technical assistance on topics such as community power. Become a municipal member for the latest updates and information on community power, energy efficiency, funding opportunities, and more.

  • Energy Savings | Clean Energy NH

    ENERGY SAVINGS Energy prices are soaring and winter is coming. Whether you rent or own a home, or are a business owner, everyone is looking for ways in which to lower energy costs and save money this season. INDIVIDUALS Take control of your own energy usage with dozens of energy-saving ideas, tips and how-tos. COMMUNITY Team up to help other members of your community. ADVOCATE Share your own ideas and results so others can benefit. ENERGY SAVINGS : INDIVIDUALS CONTACT YOUR LOCAL UTILITY APPLY FOR AID THROUGH YOUR COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY If you need help paying your electric or fuel bills or making your home snug for the winter, contact your local Community Action Agency (CAA) to apply for help. You must be a resident of New Hampshire and meet income eligibility requirements. With a backlog of applications, don't delay. Click here for a list of CAA phone numbers. The NH Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LiHEAP) provides economic aid for home heating costs for qualified renters and homeowners. if you or a family member qualify for SNAP, SSI or TANF, you are automatically eligible. Others must meet income eligibility requirements. ​ Under the Energy Assistance Program (EAP) income-eligible customers of Eversource, Liberty, Unitil or the NH Electric Co-op can qualify for a 12-month discount on their monthly electric bill. Funds are limited, but successful applicants can get 8 - 76% off their bills. WEATHERIZATION AUDITS AND ASSISTANCE Weatherization boosts your home's energy efficiency, safety, and comfort by repairing or improving its outside layer (the shell). It can include fixing broken doors and windows, patching small holes in the walls or roof, adding insulation, fixing the furnace and installing weatherstripping. Test your home's energy efficiency . Enter your home's energy usage in Home Performance with Energy Star (HPWES). A low score may qualify you for a home audit that may help you earn incentives for energy efficiency or weatherization help. ​ The NH Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) directs federal grant money to low-income households hardest hit by high energy costs and not able to weatherize their homes without assistance. Eligibility guidelines are the same as for LIHEAP, but applicants must wait for an energy audit to see if their dwelling space qualifies for the program. ​ USDA offers a Single Family Repair Loans & Grants program to very low-income rural homeowners who cannot get credit from other source. Known as the Section 504 program, amounts of $10,000 - $40,000 can be used to repair, improve or modernize homes. Many LiHEAP recipients use these funds to repair their homes before installing energy efficiency upgrades. ​ ​ ​ ​ Take control of your energy consumption for free by simply changing some of your habits. Check out our 30-day Energy Challenge to get inspired for how to lower your bill. Visit the 30 Day Challengage gameboard below, or join us on Twitter and Instagram and show us how you're participating. Even better - use this as an opportunity to share your energy savings ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ PARTICIPATE IN THE CENH 30-DAY ENERGY CHALLENGE CHOOSE A COMPETITIVE ENERGY SUPPLIER A competitive supplier is a company licensed by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (NHPUC) to sell electric supply products to electricity consumers. They are separate from the utilities and focus mainly on energy supply . Visit the links below for more information about competitive energy supply, how to make the switch, and important FAQs before making your decision. ​ Considerations when choosing an energy supplier Residential Competitive Energy Suppliers ​ ​ ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ENERGY SAVINGS : COMMUNITY CHECK IN AND SHARE TIPS Ask your neighbors, especially seniors, if they know about this website and the many money-saving ideas and resources listed. If you think they might qualify for rate assistance, make sure they have the number of your local Community Action Agency and urge them to call ASAP to apply for aid. Ask if they need help putting energy-saving ideas into practice. Have they swapped out their old bulbs for LED lights? If not, offer to buy the bulbs on their behalf and install them if they need help. ​ Look for other ways you can help each other save on energy, such as carpooling to the grocery store or running an errand for someone else while you're out so you can save them a special trip. Get creative! ORGANIZE AN EVENT Suggest that your Chamber of Commerce , local hardware store or building supply store host a public demonstration explaining when to use different kinds of insulation and weatherizing products and showing how to install them. ​ Even better : Ask retailers to make a special energy-saving section or display in their store and offer volume discounts on LEDs, weatherstripping and thermal window film. ​ Urge your church group, civic club, scout troop or neighbors to sponsor a fundraiser to buy energy monitors and weatherizing tools for a tool lending library. Host a coffee hour or drop-in day so others can learn how to use the new tools. ​ Even better : Offer to do the work for one or more families who need hands-on help. DO MORE GOOD WITH WOOD Start a "wood bank" - think of it like a food bank, a place where people can pick up items they need. In this case, it's a place where they can pick up firewood for free. Financial assistance for wood banks An in-depth guide on how to start a wood bank A list of New Hampshire wood banks: Sean Powers Wood Bank, Hopkinton, (603) 568-2783​ The Grapevine Community Wood Bank, Antrim, (603) 588-7154 Wood Ministry at Kearsarge Presbyterian Church, (603) 526-4800 Peterborough Community Wood Bank, Peterborough, (603) 924-6800 Warner Community Wood Bank, Warner, (603) 456-3303 LEARN ABOUT WINDOW DRESSERS This community-based program matches volunteers with homes that need window inserts to save on heating bills. ​ ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ENERGY SAVINGS: ADVOCATE BECOME A LOCAL LEADER Get involved with your local Energy Committee or Energy Commission. Reach out to your City or Town Clerk to learn if there is one in your community. If there's not one in your town, consider starting one with other clean energy champions. Visit here to find more information and resources on how to get one started. SUPPORT NH'S ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND RENEWABLE ENERGY PROGRAMS Let your NH State Representative and Senator know you care about energy costs and value the programs offered by NHSaves. Not sure of the elected official serving your district? Find your State Senator here and your NH State Representatives here . JOIN CLEAN ENERGY NH! Support the organization that is working in local communities, serving as regulatory watchdogs, and working with bipartisan coalitions of energy stakeholders to support favorable policies and practices that strengthen NH’s clean energy industry. Become a member Donate Volunteer: Email us at of your interest Individuals Community Advocate Resources ENERGY SAVINGS: RESOURCES Energy Efficiency Rebates and Incentives: NH Department of Energy: A great starting point -the site provides information specific to NH utilities. Federal tax credits with ENERGY STAR NHSaves program ​ For Businesses: Check for savings by using these checklists (includes commercial buildings, housing, schools, churches, industrial plants, etc. North Country Farmers and Small Business Energy Savings/Funding Workshop ​ ENERGY SAVINGS: FAQs What should I unplug when I go on vacation? ​ What other recommendations would you have to save money year round? ​ FAQs

  • EV Make Ready | Clean Energy NH

    SB52 Electric Vehicle Make Ready Legislation Electric vehicles (EVs) are coming. They are already 5 percent of new vehicle sales, are forecast to be more than 25 percent of new vehicle sales by 2026, and more than half of new vehicle sales by 2030. This trend is particularly dramatic in the regions surrounding New Hampshire. ISO New England is forecasting that there will be more than half a million EVs on the road in Massachusetts by 2030, and 1.5 million throughout New England. An additional 1.5 million EVs are expected to be on the road in Quebec, where electricity rates are some of the lowest in the world. The province already has more than 100,000 EVs on the road, and the government has announced it will ban sales of internal combustion engines by 2035. In other words, the number of electric vehicles in our region is forecast to increase by more than 19 times over the next 8 years. Meanwhile, other New England states that tourists may choose to visit have invested aggressively in public EV charging infrastructure and New H ampshire is already becoming known as a “charging desert” with fewer than half the number of publicly available ports as Maine and Vermont. Vermont has 834 public charging ports, and Maine has 799, New Hampshire has only 402. This disparity is mirrored in the number of DC fast charging stations, of which Vermont has 52 ports, Maine 55, and New Hampshire 34. Without significant investment in charging infrastructure, made in advance of widespread EV adoption, EV-driving tourists will be forced to choose other states for their vacations and day trips. What does this bill do? This legislation will enable New Hampshire’s electric utilities to make investments that will lower the customers’ cost of installing EVs charging infrastructure. Private entities will still purchase and own the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) that charges the vehicles, but the utilities will be allowed to build the “front of the meter” (transformers, poles, wires and other infrastructure) required to install EVSE. Specifically, this bill: Directs the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to approve utility investments in "make ready" infrastructure (poles, wires, transformers). Utilities are not allowed to buy and operate charging equipment itself. Directs the utilities to create charging rates that are not an impediment to public charging. Specifically, rates that don't include "demand charges." Why will this bill pass? This bill seeks a balanced approach. It directs the PUC to authorize rates that consider future EV adoption rates, and determine if the investments that the utilities propose are “prudently incurred.” This bill is supported by a broad coalition, including the electric utilities, the travel and tourism sector, NH auto dealers and manufacturers, and clean energy advocates broadly. We will ensure that these entities are at the statehouse to advocate for this bill. Failure to address NH falling behind its neighbors in charging infrastructure means handing those neighbors a competitive advantage in attracting destination tourism, NH’s second-largest industry. This bill will not result in an increase in electric distribution rates. While it will allow utilities to invest in infrastructure to charge EVs, that infrastructure cost will be offset by increased electricity sales. Analyses have found that the increased revenue exceeds costs by a factor of at least 2:1. Which means these investments have the potential to drive down rates. This bill has bipartisan support in both chambers, including Senate leadership.

  • Map of Wood Energy Systems | Clean Energy NH

    MAP OF WOOD ENERGY SYSTEMS VIEW PROJECTS SCHOOLS HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY MUNICIPAL/NON-PROFIT SCHOOLS FACILITY TOWN FUEL TYPE Hanover High School Merrimack Valley School District Holderness School Kearsarge Middle School Keene Middle School Pembroke Academy Proctor Academy Richmond Middle School Winnisquam Regional HS Kidsview Academy New England College Marlborough Elementary School Belmont Elementary School Belmont Middle School Bethlehem Elementary Belmont High School Canaan Elementary School Canterbury Elementary Charlestown Elementary Claremont Middle School Cornish Elementary School Enfield Elementary School Dublin School Franklin Pierce University Greenfield Elementary Greenville Elementary/SAU Inter-Lakes High School Inter-Lakes Elementary Indian River Middle School Lebanon Middle School Lafayette Elementary School Mascenic Regional High School Lyme Elementary School Mascenic Regional Middle School Mason Elementary School Mascoma Valley Regional HS Plymouth State University Sanbornton Central School Monadnock Waldorf School Walpole Elementary School White Mountain School Maple Street School John Stark High School Jaffrey-Rindge High School Plymouth High School Claremont High School High Mowing School UNH Northwest Heating Plant Hanover Penacook Holderness North Sutton Keene Pembroke Andover Hanover Tilton Claremont Henniker Marlborough Belmont Belmont Bethlehem Belmont Canaan Canterbury Charlestown Claremont Cornish Enfield Dublin Rindge Greenfield Greenville Meredith Meredith Enfield Lebanon Franconia New Ipswich Lyme New Ipswich Mason Enfield Plymouth Sanbornton Keene Walpole Bethlehem Hopkinton Weare Jaffrey Plymouth Claremont Wilton Durham Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips HEALTHCARE FACILITY TOWN FUEL TYPE Androscoggin Hospital Crotched Mt. Rehab Center Daniel Webster Place GlenCliff Nursing Home Littleton Regional Healthcare Weeks Medical Center Carroll County Nursing Home Milford Orthodontics Maplewood Nursing Home Woodlawn Care Center ​ Berlin Greenfield Franklin Benton Littleton Lancaster Ossipee Milford Westmoreland Newport Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Pellet Pellet Semi-Dry Chips Pellet Schools Healthcare INDUSTRY FACILITY TOWN FUEL TYPE Continental Biomass Industries Millipore Sigma Froling Energy Newton Greenhouse Pleasant View Gardens Greenhouse Pleasant View Gardens Greenhouse Warwick Mills Energy Resources Group CAI Technologies Colony House B&B Dartmouth Sachem Village Flying Goose Brew Pub E-Waste Recyclers Keene Yoga Center MEDC Dunning Corp Lignetics of New England NH Ball Bearing P.J. Noyes Sanborn Mills Farm Tullando Farm Union Block Apartments Weidner Services Northland Forest Products Filtrine Manufacturing Co Farm at Eastman's Corner Yankee Veneer Bensonwood Homes Whelen Engineering Newton Jaffrey Peterborough Newton Loudon Pembroke New Ipswich Farmington Littleton Keene Lebanon New London Jaffrey Keene North Walpole Jaffrey Peterborough Lancaster Loudon Orford Claremont Jaffrey Kingston Keene Kensington Claremont Walpole Charlestown Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chunkwood Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Industry MUNICIPAL & NON-PROFIT FACILITY TOWN FUEL TYPE Grafton County Complex Rockingham County Complex SPNHF State Office Park East (State) Sullivan County Complex Kroka Expeditions Highland Center - AMC Urban Forestry Center Squam Lakes Science Center All Saints Church Berlin Housing Authority Claremont Fire Station DRED Warehouse Effingham Town Offices Franconia Public Library Gorham Town Garage Harris Center Historic Harrisville Hollis Town Hall Hollis Police Station Hopkinton Highway Garage Hopkinton Fire Station Jaffrey WWTF Keene Courthouse Lyme Town Garage Littleton Fire Station MacDowell Monadnock Congregational Church New Hampshire Audubon NH SPCA Peterborough Community Center Peterborough Police Department Peterborough WWTF Peterborough Unitarian Church Peterborough Town House Sacred Heart Parish St. Kieran Arts Center Tuftonboro Meeting Hall United Church of Christ White Mt. National Forest Admin Wolfeboro WWTF Henniker Highway Garage Monadnock Humane Society Merrimack County Correctional Facility North Haverhill Brentwood Concord Concord Unity Marlow Bretton Woods Portsmouth Holderness Peterborough Berlin Claremont Concord Effingham Franconia Gorham Harrisville Harrisville Hollis Holls Hopkinton Contoocook Jaffrey Keene Lyme Littleton Peterborough Colebrook Concord Stratham Peterborough Peterborough Peterborough Peterborough Peterborough Lebanon Berlin Tuftonboro Keene Campton Wolfeboro Henniker Swanzey Boscawen Chips Chips Chips Chips Chips Chunkwood Chunkwood Chunkwood Chunkwood Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Semi-Dry Chips Semi-Dry Chips Muni/NP

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  • n/aResi Solar Members | Clean Energy NH

    RESIDENTIAL SOLAR MEMBERS Granite State Solar Bow, NH Learn More Green Energy Options of Keene Keene, NH Learn More KW Management Nashua, NH Learn More Milhouse Enterprises Belmont, NH Learn More Norwich Solar Technologies White River Junction, VT Learn More NuWatt Energy Woburn, MA Learn More Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative Plymouth, NH Learn More Revision Energy Brentwood & Enfield, NH Learn More Solaflect Energy Norwich, VT Learn More South Pack Solar Peterborough, NH Learn More Sunrun Learn More SunDial Solar Chichester, NH Learn More SunFlower LLC Gilmanton, NH Learn More 7th Gen Solar Boscawen, NH Learn More

  • Building & Construction | Clean Energy NH

    BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION SUSTAINABLE BUILDING & ARCHITECTURE GREEN BUILDING ADVISOR​ Community of building science experts ----> BUILD GREEN NH Tips, professionals, events, resources, efficiency, and more ----> ENERGY STAR PORTFOLIO MANAGER​ Online energy management and tracking tool enables ----> NH HOMEBUILDERS ASSOCIATION Industry & consumer information, events, and more ----> NH CHAPTER, GREEN BUILDINGS COUNCIL Promotes, educates, and advocates for green building ----> ASHRAE GRANITE STATE CHAPTER​ Heating, ventilating, air conditioning, & refrigeration resources ---->

  • n/aOrganizational Members | Clean Energy NH

    ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERS & PARTNERS Granite State Hydropower Association Learn More Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce Dover, NH Learn More Northeast Clean Energy Council Boston, MA Learn More Granite Outdoor Alliance Conway, NH Learn More NH Businesses for Social Responsibility Concord, NH Learn More NH Community Development Finance Authority Concord, NH Learn More NH Tech Alliance Manchester, NH Learn More New England Geothermal Professional Association Learn More Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative Plymouth, NH Learn More Post Landfill Action Network (PLAN) Dover, NH Learn More Quebec Delegation in Boston Learn More Ski NH Conway, NH Learn More

  • LES CONFERENCE 2020 | Clean Energy NH

    THANK YOU! For joining us for the 2020 virtual LES Conference! All attendees can visit the Conference webpage to view session recordings. ABOUT The Local Energy Solutions (LES) Conference is the event of the year for local energy champions, policymakers, municipal officials, town staff, regulators, and industry representatives. The event is hosted by Clean Energy NH and the LES Workgroup. FEATURES The LES Conference features the latest topics, best practices, & innovative ideas presented by leading experts. The event also includes best-of-the-best networking opportunities. CONTENT The LES Conference features content on renewable energy technology & policy, energy efficiency & net-zero, project management, siting, & financing, group net metering & community power, electric vehicles & beneficial electrification, community planning, cleantech, & more! STATS The LES Conference features 350+ attendees from across the Northeast, over 50 expert speakers & presenters, and dozens of top-notch sponsors & exhibitors. KEYNOTE SPEAKER sponsored by ReVision Energy Join us on Day 1 for the keynote address by Dr. Katharine Wilkinson, a climate author, strategist, teacher, and vice president at Project Drawdown . Her publications include All We Can Save (forthcoming), The Drawdown Review , the New York Times best-seller Drawdown, and Between God & Green . Time recently featured Dr. Wilkinson as one of 15 “women who will save the world.” Find her @DrKWilkinson . Keynote sponsored by our friends at ReVision Energy. REMARKS BY SENATOR JEANNE SHAHEEN ENERGY EXECUTIVES PANEL Join us on Day 2 to hear from a panel of energy executives on the panel Rebuilding Better: Leadership in Energy Towards a Pandemic Economic Recovery . Janet Gail Besser Managing Director Smart Electric Power Alliance Moderator Dan Dolan President New England Power Generators Association Stephen Gallagher Chief Commercial Officer Brookfield Renewable Susan Fleck President Liberty Utilities New Hampshire Brandon Burke Policy & Outreach Director Business Network for Offshore Wind SPONSORS Thanks to our 2020 LES Conference sponsors! Interested in sponsoring the 2021 Conference? Contact us !

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