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YPiE Spotlight: Meet Madelyn Bradley

Name: Madelyn Bradley

Title: Community Engagement Consultant

City/Town of Residence:

Dover, NH

Education: B.S. Environmental and Resource Economics

Why did you decide to work in the renewable/clean/clean energy industry?

I wanted a career that would have a positive impact on my community and contribute to a more sustainable future. There are a lot of ways to be involved in the industry and a high capacity for professional and personal growth.

What interested you in working at your current employer?

Summer going into my senior year of college Resilient Buildings Group (RBG) hosted me as a Sustainability Fellow in partnership with the UNH Sustainability Institute. Since my first day at the office, I have enjoyed the community and leadership within the organization. I value their commitment to support and encourage my growth as a young professional.

Describe the work you do in more detail.

Currently, I am contracted by the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire (CPCNH), serving as their Communications Coordinator. In this position I work closely with the Member Services team creating web pages for member communities, responding to inquiries in regards to CPCNH, manage social media accounts, and assist with data management and reporting, etc.

What aspect of your job excites you most? Why?

It is really exciting to be apart of the energy transition in the New Hampshire. It is a great feeling knowing that my work has direct impacts on my community through environmental and social welfare measures.

What makes you hopeful about the clean energy transition in New Hampshire?

Community Power! It is amazing that municipalities can control their energy supply and customers have more knowledge of where their energy comes from and access to more renewable energy options.

What interested you most about being part of YPiE? (Young Professionals in Energy)

It seemed like a great opportunity to expand my professional network as well as get to know people my age with similar career interests.

What advice would you give to someone that is new to the industry or fresh out of college?

Network and get to know people within the industry!

What do you like to do when you aren't working?

Hiking with my dog, Rowley, baking bread, and reading books.

Tell us one thing most people don't know about you.

When I was two I almost got bit by an alligator!

Fun Facts:

Coffee or Tea? And how do you take it?

Coffee! Black

Fave NH Restaurant?

Taste of India in Dover, NH

Fave Musician/Band/Music genre?

Fav Recreational activity?


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