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CENH Releases 2019 Clean Energy Employment Report, an Inside Look at the Cleantech Industry

Over the last several years the New England region, along with the nation, has witnessed a maturing and evolving clean energy and clean technology, or cleantech, industry. Cleantech jobs have expanded greatly with new businesses opening their doors and hiring a full range of skilled employees around the state. New Hampshire is no exception and Clean Energy New Hampshire (CENH), the state’s leading clean energy and cleantech educator and advocate, is thrilled to release a key report highlighting positive growth in the industry and confirming a total of 17,000 employed in cleantech within the Granite State as of the end of 2018.

CENH is proud to release the 2019 New Hampshire Clean Energy and Employment Report. “We’re excited to release this report to provide an update to our 2014 Cleantech Market Report and further showcase the significant strides this industry has made in our great state,” says Michael Behrmann, Director of Business Development at CENH. “This report is a step forward for the Granite State as we begin discussing impactful ways to respond to the current economic challenges and what industries may deliver enhanced results with focused support coming out of the pandemic. The cleantech industry has continued to show growth throughout different industry sectors and can serve the citizens and businesses in this state extremely well by expanded energy independence, use of clean fuels, and greater workforce and economic growth.

Cleantech is a general term applied to innovative technologies, products, and services that enhance performance in the energy, construction, utility, transportation, and waste industries, usually focused on energy applications. Jobs in cleantech range from clean energy installers and energy efficiency contractors to those involved with financing and legal aspects as well as advanced manufacturing, consulting, and software development. The cleantech sector is a rapidly expanding global industry and provides desirable well-paying jobs for NH’s residents.

CENH, working with numerous stakeholder organizations in the state, hopes greater attention and investment can be brought to this dynamic industry in the years to come. Greater understanding of the value of this industry to the state can inform policies and state action to encourage growth and foster a favorable business climate. As employers and employees who work in the state look to an unknown economic future, cleantech can help us successfully rebound from the pandemic more quickly, all while providing well-paying jobs and bringing about a successful transition to a local, clean economy.

The complete report can be accessed via the Clean Energy NH Homepage!

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