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October 8th, 2021 at the Grappone Center

Recorded Sessions are Processing and Will Be Available Soon!



The Local Energy Solutions (LES) Conference is the event of the year for local energy champions, policymakers, municipal officials, town staff, regulators, and industry representatives. The event is hosted by Clean Energy NH and the LES Workgroup.



The LES Conference features the latest topics, best practices, & innovative ideas presented by leading experts. The event also includes best-of-the-best networking opportunities. 

This year's Conference will feature a hybrid model, with remote attendee options



The LES Conference features content on renewable energy technology & policy, energy efficiency & net-zero, project management, siting, & financing, group net metering & community power, electric vehicles & beneficial electrification, community planning, cleantech, & more!



The LES Conference features 350+ attendees from across the Northeast, over 50 expert speakers & presenters, and dozens of top-notch sponsors & exhibitors. 

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Please Contact Joshua Singer For All Inquiries

Local Students, Local Energy Solutions

Webinar. October 7th, 11am. 

Students at Hanover High School have developed a climate action plan: a roadmap for how to reduce their school's admissions greenhouse gas emissions by 77 percent by 2050.


This was a student-led initiative, and is the first of its kind for a high school in the entire United States. In this session, the students and their advisors will discuss how the plan was imagined and brought to fruition, and how it continues to evolve today. Attendees will come away with practical lessons for how to replicate Hanover's success at their own school. 

Attendance to this session and virtual attendance to the entire Local Energy Solutions conference is free to current High School Students.


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Keynote Speaker: 
Elizabeth Wilson of the Irving Institute for Energy and Society 

Dr. Elizabeth J. Wilson is a Professor of Environmental Studies and the inaugural Director of the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society. She studies how energy systems are changing in the face of new technologies and new societal pressures. Her work focuses on the implementation of energy and environmental policies and laws in practice. She studies how institutions support and thwart energy system transitions and focuses on the interplays between technology innovation, policy creation, and institutional decision making. Recent research has examined how energy policy stakeholders view the opportunities and challenges of creating smart grids and decision making within Regional Transmission Organizations, which manage the transmission planning, electricity markets and grid operations of over 70 percent of North America. Her research has also examined how stakeholders in different U.S. states view emerging energy technologies like wind power and carbon-capture and sequestration and the electric power transmission system. Her recent books include Energy Law and Policy and Smart Grid (R)evolution: Electric Power Struggles. Wilson's research group is working on two NSF supported grants on media and stakeholder perceptions of Smart Grid technologies and on decision making in Regional Transmission Organizations.

Tracks and Sessions

Community Leadership

Community Power Panel  10:30 - 11:45am
Community Power was the hot topic of 2020 and 2021, but what does that mean for New Hampshire, and who is facilitating it? Hear from the top 3 Community Power Providers in the state in a Community Power Panel! Including a chance to ask questions live.
Moderator: Amanda Gokee
Speakers: Henry Herndon (Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire), Bart Fromuth (Freedom Energy Logistics), Bob Hayden (Standard Power)

Local Clean Energy Success Stories  1:15 - 2:30pm
Communities around NH are investing in a clean energy future, from solar arrays to efficient housing projects, learn about how NH is moving towards a more effiecient, cost effective future!
Concord Room
Moderators: Melissa Elander (Clean Energy NH) & Sarah Brock (Vital Communities)
Speakers: David Van Houten (Chair of The Bethlehem Energy Commission), Ray Danforth (Shelburne Energy Committee), Andrea Hodson (Harrisville Energy Aggregation Committee), Jim Norse (Sustainable Lyme), Emily Manns (Peterborough Energy Committee)

Local Energy Action!  3:00 - 4:15pm
This session will provide a roadmap for municipalities to succeed in local energy efforts.
Presentations will be given by representatives from The Monadnock Sustainability Hub, Vital Communities, Clean Energy NH, and ReVision Energy.
Concord Room
Speakers: Annie Henry (Monadnock Sustainability Hub), Sarah Brock (Vital Communities), Josh Singer (Clean Energy NH) , Melissa Elander (Clean Energy NH)


Infrastructure and Transportation

Clean Transportation Infrastructure Investments: Paving the Way for Transportation Electrification
10:30 - 11:45am

Transportation emissions continue to be the largest source of greenhouse gases. Electrification is the available and affordable technology to significantly reduce emissions from this sector. Municipalities can help pave the way by electrifying their own fleets and establishing practices and policies that will encourage local charging infrastructure and enable the use of EVs in your communities by both residents and businesses. Hosted by the Granite State Clean Cities Coalition, this session will highlight concrete steps municipalities can take to lead the charge, and end with an EV Showcase and Ride-and-Drive event in the parking lot.
Moderators: Jessica Wilcox (Granite State Clean Cities Coalition) & Bruce Clendenning (The Nature Conservancy)
Speakers: Bruce Clendenning (The Nature Conservancy) , Jessica Wilcox (Granite State Clean Cities Coalition) , ReVision, Dover, DES

Grid of the Future  1:15 - 2:30pm
The US electrical grid has been described as the world's largest machine, one which historically generated, transmitted, and distributed power to meet immediate need for lighting, pumps, motors, and other equipment, with limited capacity to store energy. How can we smoothly transform this 100+ year-old infrastructure in the timeframe necessary to address climate change while equitably meeting the needs of residents, business, and manufacturers? Topics will include interconnection of clean renewable energy,
storage integration, and providing energy for electrified building and transportation sectors.
Moderator: Matt Siska (GDS Associates)
Speakers: Dr. Elizabeth Mettetal (Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc. (E3), Brian Callnan (NH Electric Cooperative)

BYOS and More - Storage Developments in the Granite State
3:00 - 4:15pm

Energy storage adoption is growing steadily around the country, but what is New Hampshire doing to support the adoption of storage that often pairs so well with renewable energy generation and a more modern, resilient grid? This session features updates on the behind the meter storage programs, utility scale storage, and demand response programs actively serving the region's electric grid. Join to learn where New Hampshire stands and where we may be going with energy storage and demand response!
Moderator: Kelly Buchanan (Clean Energy NH)
Speakers: Heather Tebbets (Liberty Utilities), Brian Callanan (NH Electric Co-op), Alex Tang (TRC)


Pathways to Efficient and Affordable Housing

The Role of High Performance Homes in NH's Clean Energy Future  10:30 - 11:45am
Buildings need to be a major area of focus for a successful energy transition. As the housing boom in New Hampshire continues, it’s critical that all new homes are designed and constructed in a manner that is consistent with NH’s long term energy, carbon, and resiliency goals. This session will talk through the design principles and strategies, as well as the key technologies that can be utilized in order to develop high performance, resilient homes that are well equipped for a fossil fuel free future. We’ll also discuss non-energy benefits and cover case studies from real-world projects. Attendees will leave with a series of key principles that can be implemented at the policy level or in practice.
Moderators: Jamie Bemis (Granite State ASHRAE)
Speakers: Andrew Dey (Unity Homes) , Bryan Felice (Undustrial), Laura Samoisette (Resilient Buildings Group)

NHSaves: Serving Low and Moderate Income Granite Staters  1:15 - 2:30pm
Reducing the energy bills of low to moderat income granite staters is not always straightforward. Landlords and property owners don't always pay heating and electricity bills of their tenants, and don't necessarily have the incentive to engage with NH Saves. How do we bridge that gap, and how can ensure that our efficieny programs reach more NH residents of modest means.
Moderator: Sam Evans Brown (Clean Energy NH)
Speakers: Frank Melanson (Eversource), Kirk Stone (NH Dept. of Energy), Dana Nute (Resilient Buildings Group)

Next Generation Efficiency Regulation Design 
3:00 - 4:15pm

How much energy will a given energy efficiency upgrade save? It's a question that's surprisingly difficult to answer. However, program designs can incorporate innovative features to try to give us more data to inform better policy. Hear from a program administrator, a regulator and an academic how to incorporate actual randomized, controlled experiments to reveal how much bang we're truly getting for our bucks.
Moderator: Sam Evans Brown (Clean Energy NH)
Speakers: Chris Knittel (MIT), Tracey Dyke-Redmond (Eversource), Brian Buckley (NH Dept. of Energy)



Legislative and Regulatory Roundup  10:30 - 11:45am
2021 flashed by in a blur. Are you curious about what happened at the New Hampshire State House and Public Utilities Commission this year? This session will help you catch up on all things energy policy, including the expansion of net metering for municipal projects, the creation of a Department of Energy in NH, the statewide energy efficiency plan, and what to expect in 2022.
Moderators: Sam Evans Brown (Clean Energy NH)
Speakers: Jim M (The Dupont Group), Heidi Kroll (Gallagher, Callahan, Gartrell), Huck Montgomery (Liberty), Madeleine Mineau (Essex Hydro)

The Federal Infrastructure Plan  1:15 - 2:30pm
The entire energy policy world is holding its breath to see what comes out of Washington D.C. this fall. A panel of congressional staffers will bring us the latest of what we might expect from the Biden administration's big push on the clean energy transition
Moderator: Eli Emerson (Primmer)
Speakers: Staff for Shaheen, Hassan, Kuster and Pappas

Data Informed Energy Policy  3:00 - 4:15pm
In today’s technology and data driven world, most Granite Staters still have difficulty accessing their energy use data. The settlement achieved in NH Public Utilities Commission docket DE 19-197 established a sound foundation for the creation of a statewide, multi-use online energy data platform. Join this session and learn about how readily accessible energy data can help individuals, businesses, and communities unlock innovation, energy efficiency, and new clean energy technologies.
Moderator: Henry Herndon (Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire)
Speakers: Don Kreis (Office of the Consumer Advocate), Ethan Goldman, Rep. Kat McGhee, Justin Eisfeller

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