2019 LSRs


Each year, New Hampshire State Representatives and State Senators file Legislative Service Requests (LSRs) as precursors to bills. LSRs will either become a bill and be assigned a bill number or may be withdrawn or combined with other related LSRs. At this time, there is no publicly available language for LSRs. View energy-related LSRs below.

2175: relative to the property tax exemption for solar energy systems (Panasiti)

2256: authorizing funds of the department of agriculture to be used for increasing farmer energy efficiency (Thompson)

2276: relative to incentives for energy efficiency projects and renewable energy infrastructure by C&I ratepayers (Balch)

2307: relative to integrated energy resource planning (McGhee)

2309: establishing a committee to study attainment of a clean energy electric grid by 2030 (McGhee)

2310: clarifying renewable portfolio standards (McGhee)

2370: relative to the installation of solar energy systems in condominium and homeowner associations (McWilliams)

2388: relative to net energy metering and limits for customer generators (Moffett)

2418: allowing increased net energy metering limits for municipal hydro electric facilities (O'Brien)

2456: relative to the ACPs for renewable energy obligations not met through the purchase of RECs (Pearl)

2457: relative to hydroelectric power (Pearl)

2481: establishing an energy conservation program and an energy conservation project fund (Mangipudi)

2590: establishing a committee to study energy efficiency programs

2616: relative to outdoor lighting (Harrington)

2617: relative to including battery storage facilities in the definition of energy facility (Harrington)

2618: repealing the preservation and use of renewable energy to provide fuel diversity (Harrington)

2619: relative to payments to the PUC in lieu of meeting portfolio requirements for class III resources (Harrington)

2620: repealing the Energy Efficiency & Sustainable Energy Board (Harrington)

2621: relative to municipal energy commissions (Harrington)

2622: relative to the energy consumption reduction goal (Harrington)

2623: relative to renewable energy credits (Harrington)

2624: relative to the system benefits charge (Harrington)

2626: relative to the net metering cap for customer generators (Plummer)

2632: relative to limited electrical energy producers (Costable)

2642: establishing a committee to study applications of microgrids in NH and changes in law necessary to allow for microgrids in electrical supply, and relative to baseload renewable energy generation credits for biomass energy facilities (Adjutant)

2676: establishing a department of energy and environment (Mann)

2674: relative to the regional greenhouse gas initiaitve cap and trade program for controlling carbon dioxide emissions (Mann)

2688: establishing an office of offshore wind energy development council in the office of strategic initiatives (Cushing)

2082: relative to energy infrastructure development and corridors (Smith)

2168: establishing a committee to study applications of microgrids in electricity supply (Somssich)

2169: relative to the duties of the site evaluation committee (Vallone)

2174: relative to the installation of wireless electric meters (Hopper)

2352: exempting certain electric storage from property taxes (Abramson)

2628: repealing the exemption from property taxes for pollution control facilities in electric generation plants that produce greenhouse gases and nuclear waste pollutants (Cushing)

2665: relative to electric vehicle parking spaces (Cleaver)

2066: relative to the definition of "eligible facility" as it pertains to renewable energy generation to provide diversity (Oxenham)

2230: establishing a road usage fee and making an appropriation therefor (Major)

2317: establishing a committee to study road usage by non-traditional motor vehicles (Packard)

2305: establishing a road usage registration fee and making an appropriation therefor (Somssich)

2420: relative to group net metering (Oxenham)

2587: relative to condominium unit owners installation of solar PV systems (McConnell)

2360: establishing a program for installation of heat pumps for low-income homeowners (McWilliams)

2361: requiring the adoption of vehicle emissions standards based on the California clean car standards (McWilliams)

2153: relative to net energy metering and establishing procedures for municipal host customer-generators (Lang)