programs & policies that strengthen NH's economy, protect public health, & conserve natural resources

Primary Oppose

  • HB213: Eliminates useful thermal Class 1 RPS and biomass electric class 3 RPS; keeps class 2 solar at 0.3% and class 1 “new renewables” at 6%; overall reduces RPS goals from 25% in 2025 to 8.8% in 2025

  • HB 549: (System Benefits Charge & Energy Efficiency Resource Standard): requires immediate suspension of implementation of 2021-2023 EERS plan and initiates EERS rulemaking to establish new savings goals “within the context of available, sustainable funding”; also relevant to oppose HB351

  • HB 225: Changes net metering credit to wholesale

  • HB315: Restricts community power programs to use brokers; limits billing, metering, energy efficiency, and demand response options

Primary Support

  • HB106 (Rep. Lang) & LSR 947 (Sen. Avard): net metering expansion bills 

  • LSR 862 (Sen. Watters): renewable energy procurement bill

  • HB309: lowers class 2 capacity factor to calculate REC sweeping credit

  • SB78 (Sen. Bradley) continually appropriates the Renewable Energy Fund at the Public Utilities Commission