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Reducing Emissions

Does your community want to reduce emissions?

We can help:


  • Provide clean energy and energy efficiency education and technical assistance.

  • Start a Local Energy Committee

  • Conceive, design and carry out projects

  • Secure grant and funding opportunities

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What Our Members Say

"That program has been a godsend for the whole North Country"
Rob Larson, Public Works Director, on CENH's North Country Energy Circuit Rider Program

Learn from Other Local Energy Champions

Clean Energy NH convenes the Local Energy Solutions (LES) Working Group, a team of experienced energy advocates and professionals who share insights and success stories from their communities.

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Clean Energy NH has more than a decade's worth of New Hampshire specific energy policy experience. Explore our resources page to learn more about the state's programs that encourage:


  • Energy efficiency

  • Solar and other renewable resources

  • Electric Vehicles

  • Low-carbon heating options

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