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Whether you are concerned about climate change, affordable energy, or energy security, being part of the clean energy community in New Hampshire means you are taking part in our push for a better future.

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What Our Members Say

"This organization is the go-to organization here in our state on renewables and clean energy. Whether it's at the PUC or the legislature, they're there on the front lines everyday and working hard."
Rick Russman, Retired NH State Senator

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By joining Clean Energy New Hampshire as an individual member, you lend your support to the most effective, broad-based, locally-focused group of clean energy advocates in the Granite State.


Together we can make bold changes in our state to advance the adoption of clean energy policies and practices.

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Young Professionals in Energy (YPiE) is our commitment to help develop the next generation of clean energy leaders in New Hampshire.


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We've worked with our trusted clean energy partners to identify the best resources to help you make better energy decisions for you and your household.


We hope you will take some time to explore these resources, covering topics including:

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